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Surface acoustic wave

About: Surface acoustic wave is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 16382 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 186329 citation(s). The topic is also known as: SAW. more


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01 Jan 1997-
Abstract: Why Acoustic Sensors Fundamentals of Acoustic Wave Devices Acoustic Wave Sensors and Responses Materials Characterization Chemical and Biological Sensors Practical Aspects of Acoustic-Wave Sensors Subject Index Reduced Index Notation Mechanical Properties of Selected Materials Piezoelectric Stress Constants Properties of Several SAW Substrate Materials Acoustoelectric Properties of Several SAW Substrate Materials Moduli Associated with the Strain Modes Generated by a SAW in an Acoustically Thin Film SAW-Film Coupling Parameter and Phase Angles for SAW Propagation in the X-Direction of ST-Cut Quartz FPW Density Determinations for Low-Viscosity Liquids Gravimetric Sensitivities of Acoustic Sensors Qualitative Comparison of Acoustic Sensors Typical Mass Sensitivities of Acoustic Wave Devices Classification of Coating-Analyte Interactions and Approximate Energies Adsorbent Materials and Typical Adsorbates Adsorption Capacities of Organic Vapors on Activated Charcoal Examples of Adsorption-Based Acoustic Wave Sensors Sorption Capacity of Natural Rubber for Several Organic Solvents Typical Examples of Polymer-Coated Acoustic Wave Sensors Examples of Biochemical Acoustic Wave Sensors Cluster Classification of Coatings for Use in a TSM Sensor Array Center Frequency and Dimensions of Commercial TSM AT-Quartz Resonators IDT Design Parameters for ST-Quartz-Based SAW Sensor Devices" more

Topics: Surface acoustic wave sensor (66%), Surface acoustic wave (66%), Physical acoustics (61%) more

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01 Jul 1998-
Abstract: Fundamentals of Surface Acoustic Waves and Devices: Introduction. Basics of Piezoelectricity and Acoustic Waves. Principles of Linear Phase SAW Filter Design. Equivalent Circuit and Analytic Models for a SAW Filter. SomeMatching and Trade-Off Concepts for SAW Filter Design. Compensation for Second-Order Effects in SAW Filters. Designing SAW Filters for Arbitrary Amplitude/Phase Response. Interdigital Transducers with Chirped or Slanted Fingers. IDT Finger Reflections andRadiation Conductance. Techniques, Devices and Mobile/Wireless Applications: Overview of Systems and Devices. SAW Reflection Gratings and Resonators. Single-Phase Unidirectional Transducers for Low-Loss Filters. RF and Antenna-Duplexer Filters forMobile/Wireless Transceivers. Other RF Front-end and Inter-stage Filters for Mobile/Wireless Transceivers. SAW IF Filters for Mobile Phones and Pagers. Fixed-Code SAW IDTs for Spread-Spectrum Communications. Real-Time SAW Convolvers for Voice and Data Spread-Spectrum Communications. Surface Wave Oscillators and Frequency Synthesizers. SAW Filters for Digital Microwave Radio, Fiber Optic, and Satellite Systems. Postscript. Subject Index. more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1007/S00216-008-1911-5
Abstract: This review presents an overview of 20 years of worldwide development in the field of biosensors based on special types of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices that permit the highly sensitive detection of biorelevant molecules in liquid media (such as water or aqueous buffer solutions). 1987 saw the first approaches, which used either horizontally polarized shear waves (HPSW) in a delay line configuration on lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) substrates or SAW resonator structures on quartz or LiTaO3 with periodic mass gratings. The latter are termed “surface transverse waves” (STW), and they have comparatively low attenuation values when operated in liquids. Later Love wave devices were developed, which used a film resonance effect to significantly reduce attenuation. All of these sensor approaches were accompanied by the development of appropriate sensing films. First attempts used simple layers of adsorbed antibodies. Later approaches used various types of covalently bound layers, for example those utilizing intermediate hydrogel layers. Recent approaches involve SAW biosensor devices inserted into compact systems with integrated fluidics for sample handling. To achieve this, the SAW biosensors can be embedded into micromachined polymer housings. Combining these two features will extend the system to create versatile biosensor arrays for generic lab use or for diagnostic purposes. more

Topics: Surface acoustic wave sensor (57%), Surface acoustic wave (56%), Surface wave (51%) more

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.1073/PNAS.1209288109
Xiaoyun Ding1, Sz-Chin Steven Lin1, Brian Kiraly1, Hongjun Yue1  +5 moreInstitutions (2)
Abstract: Techniques that can dexterously manipulate single particles, cells, and organisms are invaluable for many applications in biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics. Here, we demonstrate standing surface acoustic wave based “acoustic tweezers” that can trap and manipulate single microparticles, cells, and entire organisms (i.e., Caenorhabditis elegans) in a single-layer microfluidic chip. Our acoustic tweezers utilize the wide resonance band of chirped interdigital transducers to achieve real-time control of a standing surface acoustic wave field, which enables flexible manipulation of most known microparticles. The power density required by our acoustic device is significantly lower than its optical counterparts (10,000,000 times less than optical tweezers and 100 times less than optoelectronic tweezers), which renders the technique more biocompatible and amenable to miniaturization. Cell-viability tests were conducted to verify the tweezers’ compatibility with biological objects. With its advantages in biocompatibility, miniaturization, and versatility, the acoustic tweezers presented here will become a powerful tool for many disciplines of science and engineering. more

Topics: Optical tweezers (58%), Tweezers (57%), Surface acoustic wave (52%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1063/1.1652495
Abstract: A type of surface wave with no counterpart in a purely elastic homogeneous material is shown to exist in a piezoelectric material Expressions for the velocity of propagation of this wave are obtained for various electrical boundary conditions on the free surface of a piezoelectric half‐space more

Topics: Surface acoustic wave (63%), Surface wave (62%), Piezoelectric coefficient (61%) more

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