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Surface plasmon

About: Surface plasmon is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 23054 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 690954 citation(s). The topic is also known as: Surface elementary excitation & Surface plasmons. more

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14 Aug 2003-Nature
TL;DR: By altering the structure of a metal's surface, the properties of surface plasmons—in particular their interaction with light—can be tailored, which could lead to miniaturized photonic circuits with length scales that are much smaller than those currently achieved. more

Abstract: Surface plasmons are waves that propagate along the surface of a conductor. By altering the structure of a metal's surface, the properties of surface plasmons--in particular their interaction with light--can be tailored, which offers the potential for developing new types of photonic device. This could lead to miniaturized photonic circuits with length scales that are much smaller than those currently achieved. Surface plasmons are being explored for their potential in subwavelength optics, data storage, light generation, microscopy and bio-photonics. more

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15 May 2007-
Abstract: Fundamentals of Plasmonics.- Electromagnetics of Metals.- Surface Plasmon Polaritons at Metal / Insulator Interfaces.- Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons at Planar Interfaces.- Imaging Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation.- Localized Surface Plasmons.- Electromagnetic Surface Modes at Low Frequencies.- Applications.- Plasmon Waveguides.- Transmission of Radiation Through Apertures and Films.- Enhancement of Emissive Processes and Nonlinearities.- Spectroscopy and Sensing.- Metamaterials and Imaging with Surface Plasmon Polaritons.- Concluding Remarks. more

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03 May 1988-
Abstract: Surface plasmons on smooth surfaces.- Surface plasmons on surfaces of small roughness.- Surfaces of enhanced roughness.- Light scattering at rough surfaces without an ATR device.- Surface plasmons on gratings.- Conclusions. more

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Lukas Novotny1, Bert Hecht2Institutions (2)
01 Jan 2006-
Abstract: 1. Introduction 2. Theoretical foundations 3. Propagation and focusing of optical fields 4. Spatial resolution and position accuracy 5. Nanoscale optical microscopy 6. Near-field optical probes 7. Probe-sample distance control 8. Light emission and optical interaction in nanoscale environments 9. Quantum emitters 10. Dipole emission near planar interfaces 11. Photonic crystals and resonators 12. Surface plasmons 13. Forces in confined fields 14. Fluctuation-induced phenomena 15. Theoretical methods in nano-optics Appendices Index. more

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Abstract: The field of nanoparticle research has drawn much attention in the past decade as a result of the search for new materials. Size confinement results in new electronic and optical properties, possibly suitable for many electronic and optoelectronic applications. A characteristic feature of noble metal nanoparticles is the strong color of their colloidal solutions, which is caused by the surface plasmon absorption. This article describes our studies of the properties of the surface plasmon absorption in metal nanoparticles that range in size between 10 and 100 nm. The effects of size, shape, and composition on the plasmon absorption maximum and its bandwidth are discussed. Furthermore, the optical response of the surface plasmon absorption due to excitation with femtosecond laser pulses allowed us to follow the electron dynamics (electron−electron and electron−phonon scattering) in these metal nanoparticles. It is found that the electron−phonon relaxation processes in nanoparticles, which are smaller than t... more

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