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About: TOPSIS is a research topic. Over the lifetime, 8030 publications have been published within this topic receiving 153396 citations.

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TL;DR: A comparative analysis of the multiple criteria decision making methods VIKOR and TOPSIS is illustrated with a numerical example, showing their similarity and some differences.

3,563 citations

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TL;DR: The rating of each alternative and the weight of each criterion are described by linguistic terms which can be expressed in triangular fuzzy numbers and a vertex method is proposed to calculate the distance between two triangular fuzzyNumbers.

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01 Jan 1979
TL;DR: On MADM Methods Classification.
Abstract: I. Introduction.- II. Basic Concepts and Foundations.- 1. Definitions.- 1.1 Terms for MCDM Environment.- 1.2 MCDM Solutions.- 2. Models for MADM.- 2.1 Noncompensatory Model.- 2.2 Compensatory Model.- 3. Transformation of Attributes.- 3.1 Quantification of Fuzzy Attributes.- 3.2 Normalization.- 4. Fuzzy Decision Rules.- 4.1 Definition of Fuzzy Set.- 4.2 Some Basic Operations of Fuzzy Sets.- 5. Methods for Assessing Weight.- 5.1 Eigenvector Method.- 5.2 Weighted Least Square Method.- 5.3 Entropy Method.- 5.4 Linmap.- III. Methods for Multiple Attribute Decision Making.- 1. Methods for No Preference Information Given.- 1.1.1 Dominance.- 1.1.2 Maximin.- 1.1.3 Maximax.- 2. Methods for Information on Attribute Given.- 2.1 Methods for Standard Level of Attribute Given.- 2.1.1 Conjunctive Method (Satisficing Method).- 2.1.2 Disjunctive Method.- 2.2 Methods for Ordinal Preference of Attribute Given.- 2.2.1 Lexicographic Method.- 2.2.2 Elimination By Aspects.- 2.2.3 Permutation Method.- 2.3 Methods for Cardinal Preference of Attribute Given.- 2.3.1 Linear Assignment Method.- 2.3.2 Simple Additive Weighting Method.- 2.3.3 Hierarchical Additive Weighting Method.- 2.3.4 ELECTRE Method.- 2.3.5 TOPSIS.- 2.4 Methods for Marginal Rate of Substitution of Attributes Given.- 2.4.1 Hierarchical Tradeoffs.- 3. Methods for Information on Alternative Given.- 3.1 Methods for Pairwise Preference Given.- 3.1.1 LINMAP.- 3.1.2 Interactive Simple Additive Weighting Method.- 3.2 Method for Pairwise Proximity Given.- 3.2.1 Multidimensional Scaling with Ideal Point.- IV. Applications.- 1. Commodity Selection.- 2. Facility Location (Siting) Selection.- 3. Personnel Selection.- 4. Project Selection.- 4.1 Environmental Planning.- 4.2 Land Use Planning.- 4.3 R & D Project.- 4.4 Water Resources Planning.- 4.5 Miscellaneous.- 5. Public Facility Selection.- V. Concluding Remarks.- On MADM Methods Classification.- On Applications of MADM.- On Multiple Objective Decision Making (MODM) Methods.- On Multiattribute Utility Theory (MAUT).- A Choice Rule for MADM Methods.- A Unified Approach to MADM.- On Future Study.- VI. Bibliography.- Books, Monographs, and Conference Proceedings.- Journal Articles, Technical Reports, and Theses.

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TL;DR: A state-of-the-art literature survey is conducted to taxonomize the research on TOPSIS applications and methodologies and suggests a framework for future attempts in this area for academic researchers and practitioners.
Abstract: Multi-Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA) or Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods have received much attention from researchers and practitioners in evaluating, assessing and ranking alternatives across diverse industries. Among numerous MCDA/MCDM methods developed to solve real-world decision problems, the Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) continues to work satisfactorily across different application areas. In this paper, we conduct a state-of-the-art literature survey to taxonomize the research on TOPSIS applications and methodologies. The classification scheme for this review contains 266 scholarly papers from 103 journals since the year 2000, separated into nine application areas: (1) Supply Chain Management and Logistics, (2) Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Systems, (3) Business and Marketing Management, (4) Health, Safety and Environment Management, (5) Human Resources Management, (6) Energy Management, (7) Chemical Engineering, (8) Water Resources Management and (9) Other topics. Scholarly papers in the TOPSIS discipline are further interpreted based on (1) publication year, (2) publication journal, (3) authors' nationality and (4) other methods combined or compared with TOPSIS. We end our review paper with recommendations for future research in TOPSIS decision-making that is both forward-looking and practically oriented. This paper provides useful insights into the TOPSIS method and suggests a framework for future attempts in this area for academic researchers and practitioners.

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TL;DR: In this article, a hierarchical multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) model based on fuzzy-sets theory is proposed to deal with the supplier selection problems in the supply chain system.

1,559 citations

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