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Transient (oscillation)

About: Transient (oscillation) is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 32676 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 317438 citation(s).

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Abstract: The conventional reactive power in single-phase or three- phase circuits has been defined on the basis of the average value concept for sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms in steady states. The instantaneous reactive power in three-phase circuits is defined on the basis of the instantaneous value concept for arbitrary voltage and current waveforms, including transient states. A new instantaneous reactive power compensator comprising switching devices is proposed which requires practically no energy storage components.

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Abstract: The new direct self-control (DSC) is a simple method of signal processing that gives converter-fed three-phase machines an excellent dynamic performance. To control the torque of, say, an induction motor, it is sufficient to process the measured signals of the stator currents and the total flux linkages only. In the basic version of DSC, the power semiconductors of a three-phase voltage source inverter are directly switched on and off via three Schmitt triggers, comparing the time integrals of line-to-line voltages to a reference value of desired flux, if the torque has not yet reached an upper-limit value of a two-limit torque control. Optimal performance of drive systems is accomplished in steady state as well as under transient conditions by combination of several two-limit controls. >

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Abstract: A quantitative measure of “information” is developed which is based on physical as contrasted with psychological considerations. How the rate of transmission of this information over a system is limited by the distortion resulting from storage of energy is discussed from the transient viewpoint. The relation between the transient and steady state viewpoints is reviewed. It is shown that when the storage of energy is used to restrict the steady state transmission to a limited range of frequencies the amount of information that can be transmitted is proportional to the product of the width of the frequency-range by the time it is available. Several illustrations of the application of this principle to practical systems are included. In the case of picture transmission and television the spacial variation of intensity is analyzed by a steady state method analogous to that commonly used for variations with time.

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01 Dec 1993
Abstract: Voltage stability is a major concern in the planning and operation of electric power systems. This book provides a clear, in-depth explanation of voltage stability, covering both transient and longer-term phenomena and presenting proven solutions to instability problems. The book describes equipment characteristics for transmission, generation, and distribution/load subsystems of a power system, together with methods for the modelling of equipment. Readers will find static and dynamic computer simulation examples for small equivalent power systems and for a very large power system, plus an account of voltage stability associated with HVDC links. They will also get helpful planning and operating guidelines, computer methods for power flow and dynamic simulation, and descriptions of actual voltage instability incidents.

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02 Jan 1993
Abstract: Fluid transient flow concepts basic differential flow concepts solution by characteristics method the complete equations other methods of solution complex systems with multi-pipe and non-pipe elements transients caused by turbomachines two-component and single-component two-phase transient flows valve stoking methods for controlling transients multi-element systems and transmission lines concepts of oscillatory flow and resonance analysis of oscillatory flow in systems natural gas pipeline transients open-channel transient flow special topics.

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