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Transport phenomena

About: Transport phenomena is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 4768 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 136132 citation(s). The topic is also known as: transport theory.

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01 Jan 1985
Abstract: This book, designed for advanced undergraduate engineering majors, explains the physical concepts and methodologies of heat and mass transfer. It uses a systematic method for problem solving and discusses the relationship of heat and mass transfer to many important practical applications through examples and problems. A and significant contribution is the extensive use of the First Law of thermodynamics.

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01 Oct 1991
Abstract: Although the empirical treatment of fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media is over a century old, only in the last three decades has the transport in these heterogeneous systems been addressed in detail. So far, single-phase flows in porous media have been treated or at least formulated satisfactorily, while the subject of two-phase flow and the related heat-transfer in porous media is still in its infancy. This book identifies the principles of transport in porous media and compares the available predicted results, based on theoretical treatments of various transport mechanisms, with the existing experimental results. The theoretical treatment is based on the volume-averaging of the momentum and energy equations with the closure conditions necessary for obtaining solutions. While emphasizing a basic understanding of heat transfer in porous media, this book does not ignore the need for predictive tools; whenever a rigorous theoretical treatment of a phenomena is not available, semi-empirical and empirical treatments are given.

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Peter Reimann1
Abstract: Transport phenomena in spatially periodic systems far from thermal equilibrium are considered. The main emphasis is put on directed transport in so-called Brownian motors (ratchets), i.e. a dissipative dynamics in the presence of thermal noise and some prototypical perturbation that drives the system out of equilibrium without introducing a priori an obvious bias into one or the other direction of motion. Symmetry conditions for the appearance (or not) of directed current, its inversion upon variation of certain parameters, and quantitative theoretical predictions for specific models are reviewed as well as a wide variety of experimental realizations and biological applications, especially the modeling of molecular motors. Extensions include quantum mechanical and collective effects, Hamiltonian ratchets, the influence of spatial disorder, and diffusive transport.

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01 Jan 1969
Abstract: Providing a unified treatment of momentum transfer (fluid mechanics), heat transfer and mass transfer. This new edition includes more modern applications of the basic material, and to provide many new homework exercises at the end of each chapter.

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01 Jul 2008
Abstract: Nanoscale miniaturization and femtosecond laser-pulse spectroscopy require a quantum mechanical description of the carrier kinetics that goes beyond the conventional Boltzmann theory. On these extremely short length and time scales the electrons behave like partially coherent waves. This monograph deals with quantum kinetics for transport in low-dimensional microstructures and for ultra-short laser pulse spectroscopy. The nonequilibrium Green function theory is described and used for the derivation of the quantum kinetic equations. Numerical methods for the solution of the retarded quantum kinetic equations are discussed and results are presented for high-field transport and for mesoscopic transport phenomena. Quantum beats, polarization decay, and non-Markovian behaviour are treated for femtosecond spectroscopy on a microscopic basis. Since the publishing of the first edition in 1996 the nonequilibrium Green function technique has been applied to a large number of new research topics, and the revised edition introduces the reader to some of these areas, such as molecular electronics, noise calculations, build-up of screening and polaron correlations, and non-Markovian relaxation, among others. Connection to recent experiments is made, and it is emphasized how the quantum kinetic theory is essential in their interpretation. (orig.)

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