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Tunable laser

About: Tunable laser is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 22257 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 304447 citation(s).
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Abstract: Ingredients. A Phenomenological Approach to Diode Lasers. Mirrors and Resonators for Diode Lasers. Gain and Current Relations. Dynamic Effects. Perturbation and Coupled--Mode Theory. Dielectric Waveguides. Photonic Integrated Circuits. Appendices. Index.

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Charles H. Henry1
Abstract: A theory of the spectral width of a single-mode semiconductor laser is presented and used to explain the recent measurements of Fleming and Mooradian on AlGaAs lasers. They found the linewidth to be inversely proportional to power and to have a value of 114 MHz at 1 mW per facet. This value is 30 times greater than can be explained by existing theories. The enhanced linewidth is attributed to the variation of the real refractive index n' with carrier density. Spontaneous emission induces phase and intensity changes in the laser field. The restoration of the laser to its steady-state intensity results in changes in the imaginary part of the refractive index \Delta n" . These changes are accompanied by changes in the real part of the refractive index \Delta n' , which cause additional phase fluctuations and line broadening. The linewidth enhancement is shown to be 1 + \alpha^{2} , where \alpha = \Delta n'/\Delta n" . A value of \alpha \approx 5.4 , needed to explain the observed linewidth, is close to the experimental values of a of 4.6 and 6.2.

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01 Jan 1997-
Abstract: 1. Electromagnetic Theory 2. The Propagation of Rays and Beams 3. Propagation of Optical Beams in Fibers 4. Optical Resonators 5. Interaction of Radiation and Atomic Systems 6. Theory of Laser Oscillation and its Control in the Continuous and Pulsed Regimes 7. Some Specific Laser Systems 8. Second-Harmonic Generation and Parametric oscillation 9. Electronic Modulation of Laser Beams 10. Noise in Optical Detection and Generation 11. Detection of Optical Radiation 12. Interaction of Light and Sound 13. Propagation of Coupling Modes in Optical Dielectric Waveguides-Periodic Waveguides 14. Holography and Optical Data Storage 15. Semiconductor Lasers-Theory and Applications 16. Advanced Semiconductor Lasers: Quantum Well Lasers, Distributed Feedback Lasers, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers 17. Phase Conjugate Optics - Theory and Applications 18. Two-Beam Coupling and Phase Conjugation in Photorefractive Media 19. Optical Solitons 20. A Classical Treatment of Quantum Optics Appendices A. The Kramers-Kroning relations B. The Electrooptic Effect in Cubic 43m Crystals C. Noise in Traveling Wave Lasers Amplifiers D. Transformation of a coherent

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N.K. Dutta1
01 Jan 1986-
Abstract: The current status and future applications to lightwave transmission of long-wavelength semiconductor lasers emitting near 1.3 and 1.55- mu m are described. Bit-error-rate curves for a transmission experiment at 8 Gb/s over 76 km of fiber are shown, and schematics of a high-speed distributed feedback laser and a multielectrode distributed Bragg reflector laser are presented. >

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Abstract: The evolution of the theory of mode-locking over the last three and a half decades is reviewed and some of the salient experiments are discussed in the context of the theory. The paper ends with two-cycle pulses of a mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser.

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