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01 Jun 1975-Biometrics
TL;DR: Methods for dealing with most data available to animal breeders, however, do not meet the usual requirements of random sampling and are likely to yield biased estimates and predictions. more

Abstract: Mixed linear models are assumed in most animal breeding applications. Convenient methods for computing BLUE of the estimable linear functions of the fixed elements of the model and for computing best linear unbiased predictions of the random elements of the model have been available. Most data available to animal breeders, however, do not meet the usual requirements of random sampling, the problem being that the data arise either from selection experiments or from breeders' herds which are undergoing selection. Consequently, the usual methods are likely to yield biased estimates and predictions. Methods for dealing with such data are presented in this paper. more

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Donald Bamber1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Receiver operating characteristic graphs are shown to be a variant form of ordinal dominance graphs. The area above the latter graph and the area below the former graph are useful measures of both the size or importance of a difference between two populations and/or the accuracy of discrimination performance. The usual estimator for this area is closely related to the Mann-Whitney U statistic. Statistical literature on this area estimator is reviewed. For large sample sizes, the area estimator is approximately normally distributed. Formulas for the variance and the maximum variance of the area estimator are given. Several different methods of constructing confidence intervals for the area measure are presented and the strengths and weaknesses of each of these methods are discussed. Finally, the Appendix presents the derivation of a new mathematical result, the maximum variance of the area estimator over convex ordinal dominance graphs. more

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01 Nov 1989-Econometrica
Abstract: This paper gives a solution to the problem of estimating coefficients of index models, through the estimation of the density-weighted average derivative of a general regression function. The estimators, based on sample analogues of the product moment representation of the average derivative, are constructed using nonparametric kernel estimators of the density of the regressors. Asymptotic normality is established using extensions of classical U-statistic theorems, and asymptotic bias is reduced through use of a higher-order kernel more

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Larry V. Hedges1Institutions (1)

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28 Feb 1984-

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