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About: Viscoelasticity is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 26605 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 599038 citation(s). more

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01 Jan 1961-
Abstract: The Nature of Viscoelastic Behavior. Illustrations of Viscoelastic Behavior of Polymeric Systems. Exact Interrelations among the Viscoelastic Functions. Approximate Interrelations among the Linear Viscoelastic Functions. Experimental Methods for Viscoelastic Liquids. Experimental Methods for Soft Viscoelastic Solids and Liquids of High Viscosity. Experimental Methods for Hard Viscoelastic Solids. Experimental Methods for Bulk Measurements. Dilute Solutions: Molecular Theory and Comparisons with Experiments. Molecular Theory for Undiluted Amorphous Polymers and Concentrated Solutions Networks and Entanglements. Dependence of Viscoelastic Behavior on Temperature and Pressure. The Transition Zone from Rubberlike to Glasslike Behavior. The Plateau and Terminal Zones in Uncross-Linked Polymers. Cross-Linked Polymers and Composite Systems. The Glassy State. Crystalline Polymers. Concentrated Solutions, Plasticized Polymers, and Gels. Viscoelastic Behavior in Bulk (Volume) Deformation. Applications to Practical Problems. Appendices. Author & Subject Indexes. more

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Maurice A. Biot1Institutions (1)
Abstract: A unified treatment of the mechanics of deformation and acoustic propagation in porous media is presented, and some new results and generalizations are derived. The writer's earlier theory of deformation of porous media derived from general principles of nonequilibrium thermodynamics is applied. The fluid‐solid medium is treated as a complex physical‐chemical system with resultant relaxation and viscoelastic properties of a very general nature. Specific relaxation models are discussed, and the general applicability of a correspondence principle is further emphasized. The theory of acoustic propagation is extended to include anisotropic media, solid dissipation, and other relaxation effects. Some typical examples of sources of dissipation other than fluid viscosity are considered. more

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01 Jan 1986-
Abstract: Chain Structure and Configuration. Molecular Weights and Sizes. Concentrated Solutions and Phase Separation Behavior. The Amorphous State. The Crystalline State. Polymers in the Liquid Crystalline State. Glass-Rubber Transition Behavior. Cross-Linked Polymers and Rubber Elasticity. Polymer Viscoelasticity and Rheology. Mechanical Behavior of Polymers. Modern Topics. Index. more

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15 Jun 1989-
Abstract: 1) What is rheology? historical perspective the importance of non-linearity solids and liquids rheology is a difficult subject components of rheological research. 2) Viscosity practical ranges of variables which affect viscosity the shear-dependent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquids viscometers for measuring shear viscosity. 3) Linear viscoelasticity the meaning and consequences of linearity the Kelvin and Maxwell models the relaxation spectrum oscillatory shear relationships between functions of linear viscoelasticity methods of measurement. 4) Normal stresses the nature and origin of normal stresses typical behaviour of N 1 and N 2 observable consequences of N 1 and N 2 methods of measuring N 1 and N 2 relationships between viscometric functions and linear viscoelastic functions. 5) extensional viscosity importance of extensional flow theoretical considerations experimental methods experimental results some demonstrations of high extensional viscosity behaviour. 6) Rheology of polymeric liquids general behaviour effect of temperature on polymer rheology effect of molecular weight on polymer rheology effect of concentration on the rheology of polymer solutions polymer gels liquid crystal polymers. molecular theories the method of reduced variables empirical relations between rheological functions practical applications. 7) Rheology of suspensions the viscosity of suspensions of solid particles in Newtonian liquids the colloidal contribution to viscosity viscoelastic properties of suspensions suspensions of deformable particles the interaction of suspended particles with polymer molecules also present in the continuous phase computer simulation studies of suspension rheology. 8. Theoretical rheology basic principles of continuum mechanics successful applications of the formulation principles some general constitutive equations constitutive equations for restricted classes of flows simple constitutive equations of the Oldroyd/Maxwell type solution of flow problems. more

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