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01 Jan 1963-
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01 Jan 1966-
Abstract: Stationary Electric Fields. Stationary Magnetic Fields. Maxwell's Equations. The Electromagnetics of Circuits. Transmission Lines. Plane-Wave Propagation and Reflection. Two- and Three-Dimensional Boundary Value Problems. Waveguides with Cylindrical Conducting Boundaries. Special Waveguide Types. Resonant Cavities. Microwave Networks. Radiation. Electromagnetic Properties of Materials. Optics. Appendices. Index.

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23 Mar 2006-Nature
TL;DR: It is demonstrated that CPP guides can indeed be used for large-angle bending and splitting of radiation, thereby enabling the realization of ultracompact plasmonic components and paving the way for a new class of integrated optical circuits.
Abstract: Photonic components are superior to electronic ones in terms of operational bandwidth, but the diffraction limit of light poses a significant challenge to the miniaturization and high-density integration of optical circuits. The main approach to circumvent this problem is to exploit the hybrid nature of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), which are light waves coupled to free electron oscillations in a metal that can be laterally confined below the diffraction limit using subwavelength metal structures. However, the simultaneous realization of strong confinement and a propagation loss sufficiently low for practical applications has long been out of reach. Channel SPP modes--channel plasmon polaritons (CPPs)--are electromagnetic waves that are bound to and propagate along the bottom of V-shaped grooves milled in a metal film. They are expected to exhibit useful subwavelength confinement, relatively low propagation loss, single-mode operation and efficient transmission around sharp bends. Our previous experiments showed that CPPs do exist and that they propagate over tens of micrometres along straight subwavelength grooves. Here we report the design, fabrication and characterization of CPP-based subwavelength waveguide components operating at telecom wavelengths: Y-splitters, Mach-Zehnder interferometers and waveguide-ring resonators. We demonstrate that CPP guides can indeed be used for large-angle bending and splitting of radiation, thereby enabling the realization of ultracompact plasmonic components and paving the way for a new class of integrated optical circuits.

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17 Jan 2005-
Abstract: The substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technique makes it possible that a complete circuit including planar circuitry, transitions, and rectangular waveguides are fabricated in planar form using a standard printed circuit board or other planar processing techniques. In this paper, guided wave and modes characteristics of such an SIW periodic structure are studied in detail for the first time. A numerical multimode calibration procedure is proposed and developed with a commercial software package on the basis of a full-wave finite-element method for the accurate extraction of complex propagation constants of the SIW structure. Two different lengths of the SIW are numerically simulated under multimode excitation. By means of our proposed technique, the complex propagation constant of each SIW mode can accurately be extracted and the electromagnetic bandstop phenomena of periodic structures are also investigated. Experiments are made to validate our proposed technique. Simple design rules are provided and discussed.

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01 Jan 2007-Nature Photonics
Abstract: On-chip optical buffers based on waveguide delay lines might have significant implications for the development of optical interconnects in computer systems. Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) submicrometre photonic wire waveguides are used, because they can provide strong light confinement at the diffraction limit, allowing dramatic scaling of device size. Here we report on-chip optical delay lines based on such waveguides that consist of up to 100 microring resonators cascaded in either coupled-resonator or all-pass filter (APF) configurations. On-chip group delays exceeding 500 ps are demonstrated in a device with a footprint below 0.09 mm2. The trade-offs between resonantly enhanced group delay, device size, insertion loss and operational bandwidth are analysed for various delay-line designs. A large fractional group delay exceeding 10 bits is achieved for bit rates as high as 20 Gbps. Measurements of system-level metrics as bit error rates for different bit rates demonstrate error-free operation up to 5 Gbps.

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