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Waveguide filter

About: Waveguide filter is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 5161 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 73825 citation(s). more

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Jr. Ralph W. Wyndrum1Institutions (1)
01 Jul 1965-

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27 Jul 2007-
TL;DR: Radio Frequency Filter Networks for Wireless Communications-The System Perspective and Computer-Aided Synthesis of Characteristic Polynomials shows the impact of system design on the requirements of filter networks. more

Abstract: Foreword Preface Acknowledgments 1 Radio Frequency (RF) Filter Networks for Wireless Communications-The System Perspective PART I: INTRODUCTION TO A COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, RADIO SPECTRUM, AND INFORMATION PART II: NOISE IN A COMMUNICATION CHANNEL PART III: IMPACT OF SYSTEM DESIGN ON THE REQUIRMENTS OF FILTER NETWORKS 2 Fundamentals of Circuit Theory Approximation 3 Characterization of Lossless Lowpass Prototype filter functions 4 Computer-Aided Synthesis of Characteristic Polynomials 5 Analysis of Multiport Microwave Networks 6 Synthesis of a General Class of the Chebyshev Filter Function 7 Synthesis of Network - Circuit Approach 8 Coupling Matrix Synthesis of Filter Networks 9 Reconfiguration of the Folded Coupling Matrix 10 Synthesis and Application of Extracted Pole and Trisection Elements 11 Microwave Resonators 12 Waveguide and Coaxial Lowpass Filters 13 Waveguide Realization of Single- and Dual-Mode Resonator Filters 14 Design and Physical Realization of Coupled Resonator Filters 15 Advanced EM-Based Design Techniques for Microwave Filters 16 Dielectric Resonator Filters 17 AllPass Phase and Group Delay Equalizer Networks 18 Multiplexer Theory and Design 19 Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Tuning of Microwave Filters 20 High-Power Considerations in Microwave Filter Networks Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Index more

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Dominic Deslandes1, Ke Wu1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The integrated planar technique has been considered as a reliable candidate for low-cost mass production of millimeter-wave circuits and systems. This paper presents new concepts that allow for a complete integration of planar circuits and waveguide filters synthesized on a single substrate by means of metallized post (or via-hole) arrays. Analysis of the synthesized integrated waveguide and design criteria are presented for the post pitch and diameter. A filter design method derived from a synthesis technique using inductive post is presented. An experimental three-pole Chebyshev filter having 1-dB insertion loss and return loss better than 17 dB is demonstrated. Integrating such planar and nonplanar circuits on a substrate can significantly reduce size, weight, and cost, and greatly enhance manufacturing repeatability and reliability. more

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Abstract: Approximate design formulas for bandpass filters using parallel coupled stripling stepped impedance resonators (SIR) are derived. The formulas take into account the arbitrary coupling length as well as quarter-wavelength coupling. Some advantages of this filter are its abilities to control spurious response and insertion loss by changing the structure of the resonator. Using the design formulas two experimental filters were designed and fabricated and their performances closely matched design data. more

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