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Wells turbine

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01 Jan 1997-
Abstract: A 21-percent-thick, laminar-flow airfoil, the S809, for horizontal-axis wind-turbine applications, has been designed and analyzed theoretically and verified experimentally in the low-turbulence wind tunnel of the Delft University of Technology Low Speed Laboratory, The Netherlands. The two primary objectives of restrained maximum lift, insensitive to roughness, and low profile drag have been achieved. The airfoil also exhibits a docile stall. Comparisons of the theoretical and experimental results show good agreement. Comparisons with other airfoils illustrate the restrained maximum lift coefficient as well as the lower profile-drag coefficients, thus confirming the achievement of the primary objectives. more

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01 May 2006-Wind Energy
Abstract: The velocity held in the wake of a two-bladed wind turbine model (diameter 180 mm) has been studied under different conditions using a two-component hot wire. All three velocity components were m ... more

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Srinivasan Raghunathan1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The wave energy devices currently in operation in the United Kingdom and India and those that are to be built in Europe are based on the principle of the oscillating water-air column. In these devices the pneumatic energy of the oscillating air column is converted to mechanical energy of rotation by a Wells turbine. A monoplane (single plane) Wells turbine can absorb only a certain maximum pneumatic pressure amplitude due to tip speed limitations. For wave energy devices which produce large amplitudes of pneumatic pressure a biplane Wells turbine with or without guide vanes can be used. The prediction methods currently available and parameters controlling the aerodynamic performance of the Wells turbines are reviewed. Some novel techniques to improve the performance of Wells turbine are suggested. more

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Yuji Ohya1, Takashi KarasudaniInstitutions (1)
31 Mar 2010-Energies
Abstract: We have developed a new wind turbine system that consists of a diffuser shroud with a broad-ring brim at the exit periphery and a wind turbine inside it. The shrouded wind turbine with a brimmed diffuser has demonstrated power augmentation by a factor of about 2–5 compared with a bare wind turbine, for a given turbine diameter and wind speed. This is because a low-pressure region, due to a strong vortex formation behind the broad brim, draws more mass flow to the wind turbine inside the diffuser shroud. more

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01 Dec 1999-Ocean Engineering
Abstract: A theoretical model is developed to simulate the energy conversion, from wave to turbine shaft, of an oscillating-water-column (OWC) plant equipped with a Wells air-turbine and with a valve (in series or in parallel with the turbine) for air-flow control. Numerical simulations show that the use of a control valve, by preventing or reducing the aerodynamic stall losses at the turbine rotor blades, may provide a way of substantially increasing the amount of energy produced by the plant, particularly at the higher incident wave power levels. From the hydrodynamic point of view, a by-pass valve or a throttle valve should be used depending on whether the wave energy absorbing system is over-damped or under-damped by the turbine. more

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