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Motion characterized by chaotic changes in pressure and flow velocity

112.1K papers2.7M citations

Complementary DNA

Single-stranded DNA synthesized from RNA

55.3K papers2.7M citations

Innate immune system

One of the two main immunity strategies

45.5K papers2.7M citations

Boundary value problem

Constrained Differential Equation

145.3K papers2.7M citations


Long-term brain disorders causing impaired memory, thinking and behavior

72.2K papers2.7M citations


Chemical element, symbol C and atomic number 6

129.8K papers2.7M citations


Chemical reaction to form polymer chains

147.9K papers2.7M citations


Complex of DNA and protein in eukaryotic cells

50.7K papers2.7M citations


Alteration in the nucleotide sequence of a genome

45.2K papers2.6M citations


Particle with size less than 100 nm

85.9K papers2.6M citations


Substance composed of macromolecules with repeating structural units

131.4K papers2.6M citations

Endothelial stem cell

Stem cell in bone marrow that gives rise to endothelial cells

44.1K papers2.6M citations


Psychological characteristics of an individual

75.6K papers2.6M citations

Mortality rate

Measure of the number of deaths in a population from a given cause, scaled by population, in a set period of time

53.1K papers2.6M citations

Psychological intervention

82.6K papers2.6M citations


Rule for calculating an estimate of a given quantity based on observed data

97.3K papers2.6M citations


Substance or treatment of no therapeutic value

43K papers2.5M citations


Capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way

129.3K papers2.5M citations

Adipose tissue

Loose connective tissue composed mostly by adipocytes

54.6K papers2.5M citations

Binding site

Molecule-specific coordinate bonding area in biological systems

48.1K papers2.5M citations

Progenitor cell

Cell that differentiates into one or a few cell types

50.8K papers2.5M citations

Ascorbic acid

93.5K papers2.5M citations


Chemical element, symbol H and atomic number 1

132.2K papers2.5M citations

DNA methylation

Biological process

49.8K papers2.5M citations

Protein kinase B

Set of three serine/threonine-specific protein kinases

57.2K papers2.5M citations

Endoplasmic reticulum

Cell organelle that synthesizes, folds and processes proteins

48.3K papers2.4M citations

Lung cancer

Cancer in the lung

89.3K papers2.4M citations

Skeletal muscle

One of three major muscle types that connect to bones

58.8K papers2.4M citations

DNA damage

47K papers2.4M citations

Wireless sensor network

Group of spatially dispersed and dedicated sensors

142K papers2.4M citations

DNA repair

Cellular mechanism

41.5K papers2.4M citations

Qualitative research

Form of research

39.9K papers2.3M citations

Magnetic field

Spatial distribution of vectors allowing the calculation of the magnetic force on a test particle

167.5K papers2.3M citations


Form of government

108.6K papers2.3M citations

Fuzzy logic

System for reasoning about vagueness

151.2K papers2.3M citations


Layer of cells that lining inner surface of blood vessels

34.6K papers2.3M citations


Electrical conductor used to make contact with nonmetallic parts of a circuit

226K papers2.3M citations


Educational plan

177.5K papers2.3M citations


46.6K papers2.3M citations


Ionic solids whose dissociation in water free up ions carrying the electrical current in solution

124.6K papers2.3M citations

Hazard ratio

Medical ratio

50.9K papers2.3M citations

Nitric oxide

Colorless gas with the formula NO

48.1K papers2.3M citations


Organic chemical that functions both as a hormone and a neurotransmitter

45.7K papers2.2M citations

Teaching method

Principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning

108K papers2.2M citations

Coronary artery disease

Disease characterized by plaque building up in the arteries of the heart

77.6K papers2.2M citations

Network packet

Formatted unit of data carried by a packet-switched network

159.7K papers2.2M citations

Amorphous solid

Non-crystalline solid

117K papers2.2M citations


Chemical element, symbol Ca and atomic number 20

78.5K papers2.2M citations


Process of introducing nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells

53.4K papers2.2M citations


Marker on immune cells

44.4K papers2.2M citations

Fatty acid

Carboxylic acid

74.5K papers2.2M citations

Band gap

Energy range in a solid where no electron states can exist

86.8K papers2.2M citations


Very small scale structure of material

148.6K papers2.2M citations


A malignancy that develops from epithelial cells

78.2K papers2.2M citations

Excited state

Quantum states with more energy than the lowest possible amount

102.2K papers2.2M citations

Academic achievement

Educational performance

69.4K papers2.2M citations

Kidney disease

Damage to or disease of a kidney

71.7K papers2.2M citations

Colorectal cancer

Cancer of the colon or rectum

71.1K papers2.2M citations


Chemical entity which can be bound by an antibody

58.7K papers2.1M citations

Species richness

Variety of species in an ecological community, landscape or region

61.6K papers2.1M citations

Monte Carlo method

Probabilistic problem-solving algorithm

95.9K papers2.1M citations


Genus of flowering plants

30.9K papers2.1M citations

Incidence (epidemiology)

Measure of the probability of occurrence of a given medical condition in a population within a specified period of time

56K papers2.1M citations

Wireless network

Any network at least partly not connected by physical cables of any kind

122.5K papers2.1M citations


Vertebrate organ that filters blood and produces urine

73K papers2.1M citations

Density functional theory

Computational quantum mechanical modelling method to investigate the electronic structure

66.1K papers2.1M citations

Feature extraction

111.8K papers2.1M citations


Elementary particle

111.1K papers2.1M citations


67K papers2.1M citations


Electrode through which conventional current flows into a polarized electrical device

139.4K papers2.1M citations

Deep learning

Branch of machine learning

79.8K papers2.1M citations

Monoclonal antibody

Antibodies from clones of the same blood cell

67K papers2.1M citations

PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway

Cell cycle regulation pathway

51.2K papers2.1M citations

Optimization problem

Series of issues that lead to mathematical ways of finding the best solution

96.4K papers2.1M citations

Ultimate tensile strength

Maximum stress withstood by stretched material before breaking

129.2K papers2.1M citations

Growth factor

Protein or other substance that stimulates cellular proliferation

34.3K papers2.1M citations

Phase (matter)

Region of uniform physical properties

115.6K papers2.1M citations

Service (business)

172.1K papers2M citations


Chemical element, symbol Li and atomic number 3

109.5K papers2M citations

Radiation therapy

Therapy using ionizing radiation, usually to treat cancer

76.3K papers2M citations

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

75.5K papers2M citations


Above a weight considered healthy

55.8K papers2M citations

Mesenchymal stem cell

Multipotent, non-hematopoietic adult stem cells present in multiple tissues

53.6K papers2M citations

Antigen-presenting cell

Cell that displays antigen bound by MHC proteins on its surface

28.9K papers2M citations

Mass spectrometry

Analytical technique based on determining mass to charge ratio of ions

72.2K papers2M citations

Locus (genetics)

Location of a gene or region on a chromosome

42.7K papers2M citations

Convolutional neural network

Artificial neural network

74.7K papers2M citations

Escherichia coli

Enteric, rod shaped, gram-negative bacterium

59K papers2M citations

Depression (differential diagnoses)

56.5K papers2M citations

Reading (process)

116.3K papers2M citations


Neurodevelopmental disorder involving social communication difficulties and repetitive behavior

54.7K papers2M citations


Influence that psychological factors and social environment has on well-being

66.7K papers2M citations


Non-tangible executable component of a computer

130.5K papers2M citations


58.4K papers2M citations


Univalent group derived from alkanes

223.5K papers2M citations

MAPK/ERK pathway

Cell signaling pathway

43.7K papers2M citations

Health policy

Policy area that deals with the health system of a country or other organization

79.6K papers2M citations

Reactive oxygen species

Class of compounds

36.6K papers2M citations

Vascular endothelial growth factor

Protein involved in blood vessel growth

36.7K papers2M citations

Differential equation

Type of functional equation (mathematics)

88K papers2M citations