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Acquired immune system

25.5K papers1.6M citations

Enantioselective synthesis

Form of chemical synthesis

58.1K papers1.6M citations

Suicide prevention

Collective efforts to reduce the incidence of suicide

62.4K papers1.6M citations


Mental disorder characterized by psychosis

38.2K papers1.6M citations


Long-term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs

52.8K papers1.6M citations

Tyrosine kinase

Class of enzymes that phosphorylate protein tyrosine residues

28.3K papers1.6M citations

Organic matter

Matter composed of organic compounds

45.5K papers1.6M citations

Coping (psychology)

48.1K papers1.6M citations

Organizational learning

Academic discipline; examines how goal-driven social entities add and create knowledge

32.6K papers1.6M citations

Partial differential equation

Type of multivariable function

70.8K papers1.6M citations

Global warming

36.6K papers1.6M citations


Type of joint disorder

46.7K papers1.6M citations

Working memory

Cognitive system for temporarily holding information

26.5K papers1.6M citations

Ab initio

Latin term meaning "from the beginning"

57.3K papers1.6M citations

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Species of yeast

32.1K papers1.6M citations

Substrate (printing)

229.8K papers1.6M citations


Cellular catabolic process in which cells digest parts of their own cytoplasm

33.9K papers1.6M citations

Systematic review

Comprehensive review of research literature using systematic methods

33.3K papers1.6M citations

Phase transition

Physical process of transition between basic states of matter

82.8K papers1.6M citations


State of lacking a certain amount of material possessions or money

77.2K papers1.6M citations

Receptor tyrosine kinase

Class of enzymes

22.1K papers1.6M citations

Renewable energy

Energy that is collected from renewable resources

87.6K papers1.6M citations

Energy consumption

Consumption of energy by animals and societies

101.9K papers1.6M citations


Inorganic, nonmetallic solid prepared by the action of heat

155.2K papers1.6M citations


Skeletal disorder

42.8K papers1.6M citations


Activation or suppression of the immune system to treat disease

41.4K papers1.6M citations

Heart disease

42.8K papers1.6M citations

Ionic liquid

57.2K papers1.6M citations

Major histocompatibility complex

Cell surface proteins, part of the acquired immune system

29.8K papers1.6M citations

Public policy

Government action

76.7K papers1.6M citations

Sustainable development

Mode of human development

101.4K papers1.5M citations


Medical condition

53.7K papers1.5M citations

DNA replication

Biological process

30.1K papers1.5M citations

Soil organic matter

39.8K papers1.5M citations


Short chains of between two and fifty amino acids, linked by peptide bonds

48.6K papers1.5M citations


47.3K papers1.5M citations


Process by which a solid with a highly organised atomic or molecular structure forms

81.9K papers1.5M citations

Control system

System that manages the behavior of other systems

129K papers1.5M citations

Health promotion

Process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health

70.2K papers1.5M citations

Crystal structure

Ordered arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in a crystalline material

100.9K papers1.5M citations

Child abuse

Maltreatment or neglect of a child

37K papers1.5M citations

Magnetic resonance imaging

Medical imaging technique

61K papers1.5M citations

Test validity

16.7K papers1.5M citations


Natural or synthetic substance made of long, thin filaments

143.1K papers1.5M citations

Weight loss

Reduction of the total body mass

36.7K papers1.5M citations

Competitive advantage

Business concept that an organization outperforms competition in some regard

46.6K papers1.5M citations

Tumor progression

32.6K papers1.5M citations

Perovskite (structure)

Type of crystal structure

51.4K papers1.5M citations

Dark matter

Hypothetical form of matter comprising most of the matter in the universe

41.5K papers1.5M citations

Ground state

Lowest energy level of a quantum system

70K papers1.5M citations


26.7K papers1.5M citations

Field (physics)

Physical quantities taking values at each point in space and time

95K papers1.5M citations


Wire with a diameter in the nanometres

52K papers1.5M citations


Study involving matter and electromagnetic radiation

71.3K papers1.5M citations

Cost effectiveness

69.7K papers1.5M citations

Quality (business)

Non-inferiority or superiority of goods or services

90.7K papers1.5M citations

Substance abuse

Harmful use of drugs

40.1K papers1.5M citations

Grain boundary

Concept in materials science

70.1K papers1.5M citations


Physical point in a raster image

136.5K papers1.5M citations

Organizational commitment

33K papers1.5M citations

Spinal cord

Long, tubular central nervous system structure in the vertebral column

44.6K papers1.5M citations

Wind power

Electrical power generation from wind

99K papers1.5M citations

Infrared spectroscopy

Interaction of infrared radiation with matter

59.5K papers1.5M citations

Social network

Social structure made up of a set of social actors

42.9K papers1.5M citations

Black hole

Astronomical object

40.9K papers1.5M citations


Endocrine gland in the neck; secretes hormones that influence metabolism

68.8K papers1.5M citations


An electrode where reduction take place

112K papers1.5M citations


Instance of a defined set in Homo sapiens with Reactome ID (R-HSA-374573)

22.1K papers1.5M citations


Family proteins package and order the DNA into structural units called nucleosomes.

28.8K papers1.5M citations


39.1K papers1.4M citations


Presence of more than one medical condition in a patient

26.8K papers1.4M citations

Cyclic voltammetry

55.9K papers1.4M citations

Quality of life (healthcare)

Notion in healthcare

62.4K papers1.4M citations

Estrogen receptor

Proteins activated by the hormone estrogen

34.2K papers1.4M citations

Absorption spectroscopy

Spectroscopic techniques that measure the absorption of radiation

66.1K papers1.4M citations

Wnt signaling pathway

Group of signal transduction pathways involved in embryonic development

30.4K papers1.4M citations

Nitric oxide synthase

Enzyme catalysing the formation of the gasotransmitter NO(nitric oxide)

27.4K papers1.4M citations

Thermal conductivity

Capacity of a material to conduct heat

72.4K papers1.4M citations

Injury prevention

61.4K papers1.4M citations


Medical condition in which excess body fat harms health

31.4K papers1.4M citations


Solid-state electrically operated switch also used as an amplifier

138K papers1.4M citations


Chemical element, symbol Zn and atomic number 30

88.9K papers1.4M citations

B cell

Type of white blood cell

32.2K papers1.4M citations

Metabolic syndrome

Medical condition

35.4K papers1.4M citations


Process of converting plaintext to ciphertext

98.3K papers1.4M citations

Liquid crystal

State of matter with properties of both conventional liquids and crystals

100.5K papers1.4M citations

Boundary layer

64.9K papers1.4M citations


79.5K papers1.4M citations

Ecology (disciplines)

51K papers1.4M citations

Palliative care

Area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing suffering

60.8K papers1.4M citations

Cell adhesion molecule

Subset of cell adhesion proteins

22.2K papers1.4M citations


Type of white blood cell

25.3K papers1.4M citations

Linear system

59.5K papers1.4M citations


Providing something that rouses the recipient to activity

40.1K papers1.4M citations

Electric field

Physical field surrounding an electric charge

87.1K papers1.4M citations


Chronic disease of the liver, characterized by fibrosis

47K papers1.4M citations


Passive two-terminal electronic component that stores electrical energy in an electric field

166.6K papers1.4M citations

Beam (structure)

Structural element capable of withstanding loads by resisting bending

155.7K papers1.4M citations

Chronic pain

Medical condition

42.3K papers1.4M citations


Polymer of glucose and structural component of cell wall of plants and green algae

59K papers1.4M citations