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Water that has been used and contaminated

92.5K papers1.2M citations


Metabolic process

68.8K papers1.2M citations

Key distribution in wireless sensor networks

59.2K papers1.2M citations

Sampling (statistics)

Selection of data points in statistics.

65.3K papers1.2M citations

Socioeconomic status

Economic and social measure of a person's affluence and/or influence

35K papers1.2M citations


Distribution of a security paid by an employer to an employee

47.9K papers1.2M citations

Interleukin 12

16.8K papers1.2M citations

Teacher education

Set of policies, procedures, and provision to equip teachers to perform their tasks effectively

70.5K papers1.2M citations

Lens (optics)

156.4K papers1.2M citations

Solar cell

Photodiode used to produce power from light on a large scale

67.6K papers1.2M citations


63.2K papers1.2M citations

RNA interference

Biological process of gene regulation

20.2K papers1.2M citations


Cancer originating in melanocytes

33.1K papers1.2M citations


Chemical element, symbol Co and atomic number 27

69.8K papers1.2M citations

Rheumatoid arthritis

Type of autoimmune arthritis

44.5K papers1.2M citations

Fusion protein

34.4K papers1.2M citations

T-cell receptor

Protein complex on the surface of T cells that recognises antigens

23.9K papers1.2M citations

Capital (economics)

Already-produced durable goods that are used in production of goods or services

52.4K papers1.2M citations

Polyunsaturated fatty acid

More than one unsaturation present in the hydrocarbon chain

35.4K papers1.2M citations


Substance or compound that is added to a system in order to bring about a chemical reaction, or added to see if a reaction occurs

60K papers1.2M citations


Electrically neutral group of two or more atoms

52.4K papers1.2M citations

Diffusion (business)

Process by which the market accepts a new idea or product

59.3K papers1.2M citations


Aspect of physics

60K papers1.2M citations


20.6K papers1.2M citations

Genetic algorithm

Competitive algorithm for searching a problem space

67.5K papers1.2M citations

Visual cortex

Region of the brain that processes visual information

18.8K papers1.2M citations

Laminar flow

Flow where fluid particles follow smooth paths in layers

56K papers1.2M citations


Chemical released by the cells in one part of an organism that acts on cells in another part of that organism

38.3K papers1.2M citations

Numerical analysis

Field of mathematics

52.2K papers1.2M citations


Catalyst participating in electrochemical reactions

30.1K papers1.2M citations

Hepatitis B virus

Species of the genus Orthohepadnavirus

39.1K papers1.2M citations


Generation of cells within the nervous system

20.1K papers1.2M citations


Part of the eye

28K papers1.2M citations

Cell division

Process by which living cells divide

21.7K papers1.2M citations


Signaling proteins released by host cells in response to the presence of pathogens

28.9K papers1.2M citations


Particulate solid matter that is deposited on the surface of land

48.7K papers1.2M citations

Graph (abstract data type)

Abstract data type in computer science

69.9K papers1.2M citations

Iterative method

Numerical method in which the n-th approximation of the solution is obtained on the basis on the (n-1) previous approximations

48.8K papers1.2M citations


26.7K papers1.2M citations

Social cognition

Study of cognitive processes involved in social interactions

16.1K papers1.2M citations

Lung injury

37.2K papers1.2M citations


Mechanism by which materials form into and are attracted to magnets

55K papers1.2M citations


Chemical element, symbol Ni and atomic number 28

79.3K papers1.2M citations


Controlled release of substances by cells or tissues

24.8K papers1.2M citations


Chemical element, symbol Na and atomic number 11

68.9K papers1.2M citations

Adaptive control

60.1K papers1.2M citations

Quantum chromodynamics

Theory of the strong nuclear interactions

47.1K papers1.2M citations

Composite number

Positive integer having at least one divisor other than 1 or itself

103.4K papers1.2M citations

Rotor (electric)

Non-stationary part of a rotary electric motor

179.9K papers1.2M citations

Gauge theory

Physical theory with fields invariant under the action of local "gauge" Lie groups

38.7K papers1.2M citations

Linear regression

Statistical modeling method

21.3K papers1.2M citations

Species diversity

Number of distinct species in a biological community

32.2K papers1.2M citations


Inflammation of the alveoli of the lungs

50.4K papers1.2M citations

Long-term potentiation

Persistent strengthening of synapses based on recent patterns of activity

16.3K papers1.2M citations

Quality of life

Degree of individual well-being

42.9K papers1.1M citations

Single-nucleotide polymorphism

Single nucleotide position in genomic DNA at which different sequence alternatives exist

40.1K papers1.1M citations

Birth weight

Weight of a human baby at birth

33.1K papers1.1M citations


Capacity of a substance to dissolve in a solvent in a homogeneous way

53.6K papers1.1M citations

Efficient energy use

Energy efficiency

73K papers1.1M citations

Actin cytoskeleton

20.1K papers1.1M citations

Consumption (economics)

Using money to obtain an item for use

52.6K papers1.1M citations

T lymphocyte

21.1K papers1.1M citations

Vitamin D and neurology

38.1K papers1.1M citations

Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase

13.7K papers1.1M citations

Inflammatory bowel disease

Medical condition

36.5K papers1.1M citations


Technology for constructing integrated circuits

81.3K papers1.1M citations

Social media

Internet services for sharing personal information and ideas

76K papers1.1M citations

Human rights

Fundamental rights inherent in all humans

98.9K papers1.1M citations

Climate model

Quantitative methods used to simulate climate

22.2K papers1.1M citations


Impulse transmission between neurons

19.6K papers1.1M citations

Tumor suppressor gene

Gene that inhibits expression of the tumorigenic phenotype

16.3K papers1.1M citations


Large biological molecule that acts as a catalyst

32.8K papers1.1M citations

Mitochondrial DNA

DNA located in cellular organelles called mitochondria

26.7K papers1.1M citations


Fabrication or sculptural process for joining materials

206.5K papers1.1M citations


Suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or another gas

33.8K papers1.1M citations


Saturated hydrocarbon with formula CH4

47.7K papers1.1M citations

Radiative transfer

Energy transfer in the form of electromagnetic radiation

43.2K papers1.1M citations

Cognitive decline

29.3K papers1.1M citations


Metal or plastic tube inserted into the lumen of an anatomic vessel or duct to keep the passageway open

46.1K papers1.1M citations

Wireless ad hoc network

Decentralized type of wireless network

49K papers1.1M citations

Cell type

22.1K papers1.1M citations

Liver disease

Medical condition

35.6K papers1.1M citations


Hormone that inhibits hunger

22.7K papers1.1M citations

Electromagnetic coil

187.8K papers1.1M citations

Risk assessment

Estimation of risk associated with exposure to a given set of hazards

43K papers1.1M citations


38.9K papers1.1M citations

Intestinal mucosa

26.7K papers1.1M citations

Electronic structure

43.9K papers1.1M citations

Human capital

Economics concept involving knowledge, skills, and training

39.8K papers1.1M citations

Bone remodeling

Continuous turnover of bone matrix and mineral

28.6K papers1.1M citations

Intensive care unit

Hospital ward that provides intensive care medicine

40.6K papers1.1M citations

Retrospective cohort study

Historic cohort study

47.3K papers1.1M citations

Science education

Teaching and learning of science to non-scientists within the general public

55.6K papers1.1M citations


24.3K papers1.1M citations

Dendritic cell

Accessory cell of the mammalian immune system

18.9K papers1.1M citations


A geological process at convergent tectonic plate boundaries where one plate moves under the other

22.4K papers1.1M citations

Task (project management)

Activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time

71.1K papers1.1M citations

Differential scanning calorimetry

50.3K papers1.1M citations


Chemical element, symbol Pt and atomic number 78

49.6K papers1.1M citations

Land use

Classification of land resources based on what can be built and on its use

57K papers1.1M citations