5 ways Typeset can help you write your research 3X faster

5 ways Typeset can help you write your research 3X faster

Monali Ghosh
Monali Ghosh

Writing my first research paper still ranks high in the list of “stressful” times of my undergraduate days. For one, there was this peer pressure to prove myself. And that “huge” expectation from my department head who was going out of his way to help me out. Not the least, all the different things I have to manage to write and “submit” that paper minutes before the deadline. Phew!

12 years later, I am part of a team whose goal is to transform the writing experience of researchers and academics. To help them save time and be more effective with their research communication.

Now, many of us have been there and done that with MS Word or LaTeX — the dual alternatives to anyone who has to start typing their research. Then, why a writing platform for research? Or more specifically, how we at Typeset, help students and researchers save more than 60% of time usually spent in writing and formatting their research?

Typeset — Simplifying research writing

Writing Guide

So you decided to write a paper for a journal, let’s say IEEE Internet Computing. Now where do you start? What sections need to be written? And more importantly, what are the specified guidelines for each of the sections?

You can either visit IEEE website and go through a 100 pages guide to understand the guidelines. Or you can start with the IEEE Internet Computing template on Typeset.

Typeset’s smart templates help you get started quickly with your research paper

Typeset provides you detailed contextual information as you write, so that you don’t have to keep looking at 100 pages guides for information.

References ordering and formatting

Have you heard of “one click” citing? You have to try it yourself to feel the magic!

Typeset’s “one click” citing in action

Formatting citations take a good amount of time. You need to get the citations in order and format them according to a specific style such as APA, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE etc. On Typeset, all you have to do is import and cite the references, and the rest is taken care of!

Scientific expressions, tables, images, footnotes and what not

Adding an equation, Typeset style!

Typeset allows you to create any scientific expression imaginable, in minutes. No more plugins, no more cross platform issues!

You can also add images, tables, footnotes etc. — whatever you need to write your research effectively. Typeset editor provides you powerful tools to build your research paper really quick.

Automated Formatting

So you’ve finished all sections, adding images, tables, equations and even cited references. Now, you have to get it all formatted to the journal instructions. Yeah, “that part” we keep for last. And on many occasions, it takes more time than we like!

Look no further, your dream has come true — introducing Automated Formatting.

Forget formatting. Focus on just writing your research

All the journal’s rules and guidelines are automatically applied on your content in a click. The document is now all ready for submission!

Pain-free re-formatting

Okay, so you want to submit the same content to a different journal? Get ready to change all the formatting to the new journal’s guidelines, all from scratch.

Or not.

Change to any journal style, anytime you want

On Typeset, you can change your template to any journal (from a choice of 12K+ journals) and again, in a click, your content is formatted to the new journal’s guidelines. Simple isn’t it?

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Interested what all templates are available? You can signup and explore the gallery here.

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