Become a Guest Author on SciSpace — Write For Us

Become a Guest Author on SciSpace — Write For Us


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We are glad that you are interested in contributing to the SciSpace blog, and we love to hear from people with smart insights. You can read all about what we do, what we're looking for, the blog submission process, and writing guidelines below.

What is “SciSpace Resources?”

SciSpace Resources is our official blog where we share in-depth guides, how-to articles, expert interviews, and best practice deep-dives on all things research, scholarly communication, and open science. The aim has always been to provide insightful, actionable content to researchers, students, educators, scholarly communication professionals, librarians, and other members of the community.

We have more than 300+ high-quality content pieces on SciSpace Resources. These resources are consumed by our one million+ community members and millions of inquisitive minds worldwide.

The purpose of the SciSpace Guest Author Program

The purpose of the Guest Author Program is directly aligned with the core mission of SciSpace, which is to help the research community connect dots faster and expedite scientific discovery. We aim to provide a platform for authors to share stories that will inspire the research community and provide valuable education regarding research writing, publishing, and dissemination.

Who can become a Guest Author and contribute to SciSpace Resources?

Anyone passionate and knowledgeable about research practices.

What’s in it for you?

By becoming a guest writer for SciSpace, you stand to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Directly participate in our one million+ strong global community of researchers, graduate students, faculty members, and journal publishers.
  • Expand the reach of your article as it will be shared across our email lists, discussion forums, and social media channels.
  • Establish your credibility in the research space by providing insightful content.
  • Contribute articles on any topic, from research best practices to technological solutions that can accelerate learning.
  • Write for a website that gets over a million organic visitors every month.

What types of blog posts does the SciSpace Resources feature?

Here's a quick overview of the kind of content we are looking for:

  • How-To Posts: A 1000-1200 word article that offers step-by-step instructions on how to solve a particular challenge they face regularly.
  • Listicles: 750-1000 word, easily-scannable, actionable post that lists down tips, solutions, tactics, or a ranking of items on a specific theme.
  • Posts on Latest Events: 500-750 word articles that break down a recent happening or announcement that is of interest to or will impact our target audience.
  • Analysis Report: 1000-1200 word posts summarizing an experiment or study you conducted or came across recently and the findings of which will impact the research community.
  • Thought Leadership Posts: 1000-1500 word original opinion pieces where you delve into up-and-coming trends or things you've observed, experienced, or thought about over time.
  • Research Summaries: 1000-1500 word post summarizing your research, establishing its relevance, and discussing its future implications.
  • Long-form Posts: 2000-word posts that investigate, analyze, and critique certain subjects, persons, or trends.
  • Infographics: Posts with a 200-word introduction followed by attractive visuals that organize information, showcase timelines, and display stats on a specific theme.

What are the blogging guidelines you must follow?

We've established a few basic guidelines to ensure your submission matches what we're looking for, and the approval timeline is shorter. Be sure to keep them in mind when writing your piece:

  • We only accept original content, so please ensure the post doesn't exist elsewhere on the internet.
  • Every submission is checked for plagiarism before publication, so please ensure the score is below 5%.
  • Maintain a conversational, warm, and friendly tone throughout the article.
  • Keep it uncomplicated and use jargon and acronyms sparingly.
  • The topic selected must be relevant and valuable to our target audience.
  • The length of a paragraph should not exceed three to five sentences, and it should be formatted using H2s, H3s, and H4s as needed.
  • To help break up long sections of dense material, add bulleted lists.
  • Feel free to use photos, gifs, or screenshots, but include a source citation like "Image source" and a reference to the original image location.
  • Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style when writing for SciSpace Resources.
  • Provide due credit to any statistics, quotes, or other third-party information you utilize in your blog post.
  • The body of your article may contain up to one backlink to the content of your website.
  • Anything that has already been covered on our site won't be accepted.

How to register your interest in writing a post for the SciSpace Resources?

All you need to do is complete this form. We’ll review your application and the topic suggestions and get back to you.

What does the blogging workflow look like?

Here are the steps involved in getting your blog post published on SciSpace Resources:

  1. Carefully read the guest blogging guidelines
  2. Come up with multiple topic proposals — review our existing blog posts to ensure it hasn't been covered before
  3. Register your interest by filling up this form
  4. Our team will evaluate your application and topic proposals and respond with feedback
  5. Once the topic is approved, we'll ask you to provide us with an outline in a Google Doc
  6. After receiving the go-ahead from our team, you can start drafting the post
  7. Share your draft as a Google Doc with us; our editors will evaluate your manuscript and provide feedback and suggestions
  8. Please send it back to us after making the necessary changes and formatting it for publishing
  9. Also, send a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself, links to your social media handle, and a high-quality headshot
  10. Our editor will let you know when the article is published
  11. You'll receive the link to the article once it is live

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at

If you are ready to get started, you can submit the form below to register your interest in being a SciSpace Guest Author.