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Transactions of The American Philosophical Society 

About: Transactions of The American Philosophical Society is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Fauna & Lightning rod. It has an ISSN identifier of 0065-9746. Over the lifetime, 561 publications have been published receiving 12804 citations.

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TL;DR: Kesteven et al. as discussed by the authors described the beginning of the Fish Skull and the Branchiocranium of the Jaws with Gill-Arches, and gave a sequence of ten stages leading to the typical Percomorph Skull.
Abstract: The Beginnings of the Fish Skull: Differentiation of the Neurocranium and the Branchiocranium Serial Homology of the Jaws with Gill Arches The Hyomandibular Problem Origin of the Orobranchial Apparatus of Gnathostomes Origin of the Opercular Series Summary - Four Chief Stages in the Origin of the Jaws, Branchial Arches and Opercular Elements Synopsis of Ten Stages Leading to the Typical Percomorph Skull. Classification and Nomenclature of Skull Parts: Elements of the Preorbital Region Remarks on Dr.Leighton Kesteven's Nomenclature Are the Premaxillae Compound Elements?. The Evolution of Particular Skull Types: Lower Chordates Sharks, Rays, Chimaeroids Dipnoi Crossopterygii Polypterini Palaeoniscoidei Chondrostei (Spoonbills, Sturgeons) Protospondyli (Semionotids, Pycnodonts, Garpikes, macrosemiids) Amioidei. Isospondyli (Primitive Teleosts): Clupeoidea (Albulids, Tarpon, Herrings, etc) Salmonoidea (Salmon, Smelt, etc) Stomiatoidea Osteoglossoidea Mormyroidea Gonorhynchoidea. Ostariophysi: Characins, Gymnotids, Carps and Catfishes Heterognathi (Characins) Glanencheli (Gymnotids) Eventognathi (Carps, Suckers, etc) Nemotognathi (Catfishes). Heteromi: Halosaurs (Notocanths). Apodes: Eels, Morays. Mesichthyes (Intermediate Teleosts): Iniomi (Scopeloids) Lyomeri (Gulpers) Haplomi (Pikes, etc) Microcyprini (top-minnows, etc) Synentognathi (Needle-Fish, Flying-Fish, etc) Thoracostei (Sticklebacks, Tube-Mouths, Sea-Horses, etc). Aconthopterygii (Spiny-Finned Teleosts): Salmopercae Berycoidei Percoidie (Bass, Perch, Snappers, Sparids, Cichlids, Wrasses, etc) Percesoces (Barracudas, Silversides, Gray Mullets) Labyrinthici (Snakeheads, Climbing Perches, etc) Zeoidei (John Dory, Boar-Fish, etc) Chaetodontoidei (Butterfly-Fishes, Angel-Fishes, etc) Balistoidei (Acanthurids, Zanclids, Siganids, Teuthids, Plectorgnaths) Allotriognathi (Opah, Oar-Fish, etc) Scombroidei (Crevalles, Mackerel, Tunnies, etc) discocephali (Sucking-Disc Fishes). (Part Contents).

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