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Is ecology fun? 

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As community ecology is broadening to include behavior, behavioral ecologists can begin to incorporate ecological perspectives in asking evolutionary questions.

Through a dialectical analysis of alternative paradigms in ecology, it is argued that BEC's holistic, developmental view of terrestrial ecosystems is fundamentally compatible with complexity theory and provides the information content missing from contemporary ecosystem ecology.

However if deep ecology is interpreted as an aesthetic movement, then it is both philosophically coherent and practically adequate.

Deep Ecology as an Aesthetic Movement
01 May 1996Environmental Values      10 citations

Community ecology can provide behavioral ecology with the tools to ask realistic questions about the current action of natural selection.

It is suggested that applied ecology serve as an integrative paradigm for these new and vital interdisciplinary fields of knowledge.

As we discuss here, preliminary evidence supports the hypothesis that there is a dynamic interplay between ecology and evolution within communities, yet researchers have not yet demonstrated convincingly whether, and under what circumstances, it is important for biologists to bridge community ecology and evolutionary biology.

Points 2, 3 and 4 above demonstrate how the Journal of Applied Ecology communicates the value and utility of ecology to society at large.