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Which green tea has highest antioxidants? 

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Results from this research, the cold and hot water extracts of green tea are good antioxidant.

These results suggest that the antioxidant activity of green tea is significantly enhanced by the combination of selenium and green tea constituents compared with that of regular green tea.

It is concluded that maximum antioxidant capacity and hence maximal health benefit may be derived from green tea or from black leaf tea prepared by infusion with water at 90°C for up to 2 min and taken with the addition of either fat-free milk, or without milk addition.

These results seem to suggest that the cultivar type is critical in determining the antioxidant potency of tea product and that black teas processed from suitable cultivars could be potent in antioxidant activity when compared to green teas.

The results of this study indicated that NEPP of green tea are untapped natural sources of antioxidants and α-glucosidase inhibitors.

Our results indicate that Awa-ban tea has properties that are quite distinct from those of green and black tea and is therefore a unique antioxidant beverage.