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Kaarlo Tuori

Researcher at University of Helsinki

Publications -  38
Citations -  395

Kaarlo Tuori is an academic researcher from University of Helsinki. The author has contributed to research in topics: Constitution & Philosophy of law. The author has an hindex of 8, co-authored 38 publications receiving 369 citations.

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The Eurozone Crisis: A Constitutional Analysis

TL;DR: In this paper, two layers of the European economic constitution are discussed, and the authors propose a framework for the analysis of the economic crisis and the response to the crisis, as well as the reform of the macroeconomic constitution.

Critical Legal Positivism

Kaarlo Tuori
TL;DR: Tuori as discussed by the authors presents the normative and practical faces of law as a multilayered phenomenon within which there is an important role for critical legal dogmatics in furthering law's self-understanding and coherence.
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The European Financial Crisis: - Constitutional Aspects and Implications

TL;DR: The ongoing euro-area crisis is a constitutional crisis as discussed by the authors, and the European responses to the crisis include emergency measures and stability mechanisms, and, on the other hand, strengthening European economic governance, as a consequence of these responses, the central Maastricht principles of the European economic constitution are teetering.

The many constitutions of Europe

Kaarlo Tuori, +1 more
TL;DR: In this article, the authors discuss the multi-dimensionality of European constitutionalism and the many constitutions of Europe, including the European civil code, the European competition law, and the social and economic constitutions.

Ratio and Voluntas: The Tension Between Reason and Will in Law

Kaarlo Tuori
TL;DR: In this article, the historical and cultural dependencies of the law's ratio and its relation to the Rechtsstaat Gouvernement des juges (Gouvernement of the juges) are discussed.