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Proceedings ArticleDOI: 10.1109/ICCICCT.2014.6993186

Optimal multi area wheeling using genetic algorithm

10 Jul 2014-pp 1441-1446
Abstract: Wheeling is a process of transmitting electric power through the transmission lines governed by a third party. A practical problem is that wheeling from vendor to vendee involves power flows through several intermediate networks that is, multi-area wheeling. Each utility involves in part of a more number of wheeling transaction over a few miles or hundreds of miles. A vendor that generates power does not have to own power transmission lines: only a connection to the network or grid. The vendor then pays the owner of the transmission line based on how much power is being moved and how congested the line is. In this paper, the basic objective is to minimize the overall operating cost considering the topological structure of the multi area wheeling. This is addressed as a non-linear optimization problem with linear constraints. The basic Genetic Algorithm is used to solve the above optimization problem. more

Topics: Wheeling (76%), Electric power transmission (52%), Electric power (50%)

Proceedings ArticleDOI: 10.1109/IPACT.2017.8245026
21 Apr 2017-
Abstract: This paper focuses on controlling the voltage of PWM AC/AC voltage converter and the use of Real Coded Genetic Algorithm to eliminate selected harmonics from output voltage. The fundamental component of the output voltage can be linearly controlled using the proposed method and harmonics can be completely eliminated up to a specified order. The Real Coded Genetic algorithm generates the best switching angles for a particular output voltage desired by the user with minimum total harmonic distortion (THD). THD values for different output voltages have been tabulated for 3rd and 5th harmonic orders. more

Topics: Total harmonic distortion (60%), Voltage converter (60%), Harmonic (58%) more

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Open accessBook
01 Sep 1988-
Abstract: From the Publisher: This book brings together - in an informal and tutorial fashion - the computer techniques, mathematical tools, and research results that will enable both students and practitioners to apply genetic algorithms to problems in many fields Major concepts are illustrated with running examples, and major algorithms are illustrated by Pascal computer programs No prior knowledge of GAs or genetics is assumed, and only a minimum of computer programming and mathematics background is required more

Topics: Genetic representation (69%), Genetic programming (67%), Pascal (programming language) (62%) more

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Open accessBook
01 Jan 1984-
Abstract: Topics considered include characteristics of power generation units, transmission losses, generation with limited energy supply, control of generation, and power system security. This book is a graduate-level text in electric power engineering as regards to planning, operating, and controlling large scale power generation and transmission systems. Material used was generated in the post-1966 period. Many (if not most) of the chapter problems require a digital computer. A background in steady-state power circuit analysis is required. more

Topics: Power transmission (64%), Electric power (63%), Distributed generation (63%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TPAS.1982.317507
Abstract: A new concept of electricity pricing referred to as "spot pricing" is presented. Spot pricing is shown to encompass and achieve more fully the objectives of load management techniques and other rate structures proposed so far. The contribution of this paper is the derivation of optimal spot prices and a discussion of and proposals on a number of implementation issues which arise when the theory of spot pricing is turned into practice. A set of rates related to optimal spot prices are proposed and their applicability is discussed in view of different customer characteristics, metering, and communication costs. The impact of spot pricing on line losses and reactive energy, the quality of supply and rationing is elaborated. Issues related to customer response, utility revenues, investments and generation deregulation are also discussed. more

Topics: Variable pricing (62%), Rational pricing (62%), Spot contract (62%) more

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/MPER.1982.5519479
Topics: AC power (53%)

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Journal ArticleDOI: 10.1109/TPWRS.1986.4334845
Abstract: Wheeling is the transmission of electrical energy from a buyer to a seller through a transmission network owned by a third party. This paper provides a theoretically sound, yet practical to implement, basis for setting wheeling rates. These wheeling rates are based on marginal costs (determined by losses and effects of line flow and voltage magnitude constraints) adjusted up or down as necessary to account for embedded capital costs (i.e. revenue reconciliation). Simple numerical examples are provided to illustrate interesting phenomena such as negative wheeling rates which yield positive net revenue. Comparisons with present day wheeling rates show that major differences exist. The wheeling rates of this paper yield a "no lose" situation for the buying, selling and wheeling utilities. more

Topics: Wheeling (77%)

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