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Can a humanities student study clinical psychology? 

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Written in conversational prose with references to the authors' own lives and careers, Introduction to Clinical Psychology is ideal for undergraduate courses.

Introduction to Clinical Psychology
19 Nov 2015  3 citations

Having medical humanities in a medical school curriculum can nurture positive attitudes in the regular work of a clinician and contribute equally to personality development.

This approach challenges good teachers to make their best efforts at reconciling their own disciplines with that of medicine; in this process, a new medical humanities discipline emerges that is not so much an application of the humanities to medicine as it is an evocation of humanities themes from the clinical encounter itself.

A brief literature-based course can contribute to greater student empathy and appreciation for the value of humanities in medical education.

We find students registered on clinical degrees and those studying humanities to be the most satisfied, with those in general engineering and media studies the least.

The range and depth of students' feedback demonstrate the educational and emotional effects that are possible when humanities content is taught during clinical experiences.

With no other published reports on the educational philosophies behind the medical humanities programs, this study created a new knowledge base about this relatively young and rapidly emerging field.