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What is a change plan in social work? 

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We conclude that these techniques have been widely used by social activists to contribute to policy change and have excellent potential as part of the social work advocacy arsenal.

The Prochange Mandate in Social Work Social work's commitment to both individual and social change stems from at least three sources: (1) the mandates of our professional organizations, (2) the professional literature, and (3) the long history of activism among social workers themselves.

Learning by doing social action through a case study, group work becomes the vehicle through which students act on social issues and work for social change.

It is suggested that such an approach is consistent with the social work professions’ commitment to the promotion of social justice and social change.

Since there is an intrinsic relationship between social change and social planning, it is crucial for social work to address certain

Such changes have implications for the relationship between theory and practice in social work and the nature of ‘social’ work itself.

We suggest the study of social change leadership has implications for broader work on leadership, in two ways.

Change strategies described are easily transferable to other social work settings.