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Hong Jong Cheol

Bio: Hong Jong Cheol is an academic researcher. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Smart card & Payment. The author has an hindex of 11, co-authored 684 publication(s) receiving 1635 citation(s).
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12 May 2004-
Abstract: PURPOSE: A system and a method for offering a coupon using the customer transaction information are provided to extract the coupon to provide to a client according to the transaction information, and store the extracted coupon in a client area or provide the extracted coupon to the client by confirming the transaction information received to a PTD(Personal Trusted Device) from a coupon providing server. CONSTITUTION: The PTD(135) is equipped with an infrared settlement interface. A settlement processing terminal(140) transmits the settlement information to the PTD. The coupon providing server(100) receives the transaction information from the PTD and provides the coupon related to the transaction information to the customer. The coupon providing server comprises a transaction particulars receiver(105), a transaction particulars confirmer(110), a coupon extractor(115), a coupon provider(120), a coupon information database(125), and a coupon storing database(130).

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11 Oct 2003-
Abstract: PURPOSE: A method and system for operating a coupon capable of linking individual information using an IC(Integrated Card) card is provided to record information of the coupon in an IC card using a card reader in a client system by creating the coupon capable of linking the individual information in accordance with a request of a client and transmitting the created coupon to the client system, and to authenticate the coupon through a VAN(Value Added Network) by recognizing the IC card in a POS(Point Of Sale). CONSTITUTION: A coupon operating system(100) creates and issues a coupon in accordance with a request of a client, is mounted in a client system, and supplies an application program for executing an information communication with an IC card. A coupon creation module(205) extracts information with respect to a coupon selected by a request of a client and creates the coupon capable of linking the individual information. A coupon transmission module(210) transmits the coupon to the client system. An application program distribution module(215) supplies and updates the application program to the client system. An authentication checking module(220) checks an authentication with respect to a credit card function included in the IC card and coupon information. A payment processing module(225) executes a payment process in accordance with a use of the IC card including the coupon. A subscriber database(230) stores information of a card issued to the client. A coupon database(235) matches information with respect to the coupon requested and created by the client system with subscriber information of a client and stores the information.

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04 Jan 2008-
Abstract: A system for providing an instant coupon is provided to enable a client to purchase a commodity or use a service at a discounted price via a coupon processed in association with information on a card when the client repurchases the commodity or reuses the service. A system for providing an instant coupon comprises a server(100) and a storage medium. The server(100) checks information on a payment tool of a customer and information on a purchased commodity or a used service provided by a payment terminal(135) and generates or extracts a coupon matched with the purchased commodity or the used service. The storage medium associates the information on the coupon, extracted or generated by the server(100), with the information on the payment tool and stores the associated information. The server checks the coupon matched with the commodity or the service prestored at the storage medium and provides the checked coupon for the customer when the customer repurchases the commodity or reuses the service.

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Thomas R. Gruber1, Adam Cheyer1, Dag Kittlaus1, Didier Rene Guzzoni1  +4 moreInstitutions (1)
11 Jan 2011-
Abstract: An intelligent automated assistant system engages with the user in an integrated, conversational manner using natural language dialog, and invokes external services when appropriate to obtain information or perform various actions. The system can be implemented using any of a number of different platforms, such as the web, email, smartphone, and the like, or any combination thereof. In one embodiment, the system is based on sets of interrelated domains and tasks, and employs additional functionally powered by external services with which the system can interact.

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28 Sep 2012-
Abstract: A virtual assistant uses context information to supplement natural language or gestural input from a user. Context helps to clarify the user's intent and to reduce the number of candidate interpretations of the user's input, and reduces the need for the user to provide excessive clarification input. Context can include any available information that is usable by the assistant to supplement explicit user input to constrain an information-processing problem and/or to personalize results. Context can be used to constrain solutions during various phases of processing, including, for example, speech recognition, natural language processing, task flow processing, and dialog generation.

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Daehwan Kim1, Yoonki Hong1Institutions (1)
22 Apr 2013-
Abstract: A mobile terminal and a control method thereof, which can obtain an image, are provided. A mobile terminal (100) includes a camera unit (121), a pictogram extraction unit (182) and a controller (180). The camera unit (121) obtains image information corresponding to at least one of a still image and a moving image. The pictogram extraction unit (182) extracts at least one pictogram from the obtained image information. The controller (180) detects information related to the extracted pictogram, and displays the detected information to be overlapped with the obtained image information. In the mobile terminal, the controller (180) includes, as the detected information, at least one of previously recorded information and currently searched information related to the extracted pictogram.

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06 Aug 2010-
Abstract: In one aspect, a system includes a transaction handler to process transactions, a data warehouse to store transaction data recording the transactions processed at the transaction handler and to store mapping data between first user identifiers and first account identifiers, a profile generator to generate a profile of a user based on the transaction data, and a portal coupled to the transaction handler to receive a query identifying a second user identifier used by the first tracker to track online activities of a user. The system is to identify a second account identifier of the user from the second user identifier based on the mapping data between the first user identifiers and the first account identifiers to facilitate targeted advertising using the profile of the user and/or to provide information about certain transactions of the user related to a previously presented advertisement.

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Adam Cheyer1, Didier Rene Guzzoni1Institutions (1)
08 Sep 2006-
Abstract: A method and apparatus are provided for building an intelligent automated assistant. Embodiments of the present invention rely on the concept of “active ontologies” (e.g., execution environments constructed in an ontology-like manner) to build and run applications for use by intelligent automated assistants. In one specific embodiment, a method for building an automated assistant includes interfacing a service-oriented architecture that includes a plurality of remote services to an active ontology, where the active ontology includes at least one active processing element that models a domain. At least one of the remote services is then registered for use in the domain.

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