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China and Northeast Asia in the 21st century

06 Feb 2018-pp 157-181

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28 Feb 2003
Abstract: Preface Prelude to Military Rule The Study of Foreign Policy: A Theoretical Perspective Prelude to Military Intervention in Nigeria The First Phase of Military Rule, 1966-1979 From Ironsi to Gowon: Conservatism Sustained, 1966-1975 Muhammed and Obasanjo: Experimentations in Pan-Africanism, 1975-1979 Nigerian Foreign Policy and the Struggle Against White Rule in Southern Africa An Interregnum, 1979-1983 The Civilian Interregnum of President Shagari, 1979-1983 The Second Phase of Military Rule, 1983-1999 In Dubious Battle: Muhammadu Buhari, 1983-1985 The Evil Genius: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, 1985-1993 The Danger of Dictatorship: Sani Abacha, 1993-1998 Setting the Stage for Civilian Rule: Abubakar, 1998-1999 Economic Dimension of Nigeria's Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Options in Post Military Rule Nigerian Foreign Policy Options Under the Civilian Rule Selected Bibliography Index

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