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How can I develop my finance skills? 

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There is a need for more dialogue between finance practitioners and academics to establish how communications with practitioners can be improved and to assess how practitioners might effectively learn more about financial decision methods that they deem important.

At schools where a basic finance course is not a prerequisite for the personal financial planning course, this methodology makes learning personal finance skills and concepts quick and easy.

Findings indicate that finance students are generally perceived to be weak in writing, verbal, and math skills and consequently provide a teaching challenge for finance professors.

In doing so, they demonstrate the productiveness of opening finance to a range of interdisciplinary inquiry to show how finance works and how debates about finance might be productively progressed.

Complexity skills must represent an essential element of a holistic finance education as it is the case with a solid ethics and humanism training.

This paper shows how the traditional perception problems of dryness, difficulty and irrelevance of finance training can be overcome.

Suggests that the literature contains few examples of how to apply such skills in an accounting environment and how to teach such skills as efficiently as possible.