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How Companies Are Using machine learning and deep learning to improve human experience? 

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Our findings could help application developers, deep-learning framework vendors and browser vendors to improve the efficiency of deep learning in browsers.

It is highly anticipated that Deep Learning will fare much better than the traditional machine learning algorithms not only because of scalability but also of its ability to perform automatic feature extraction from raw data.

The experience we have, especially in how to optimize the deep learning architecture, will benefit other researchers and medical practitioners.

The performance of the deep learning model is better than the machine learning techniques.

Deep learning models have many advantages over traditional Machine Learning (ML) models, particularly when there is a large amount of data available.

Our results show that using traditional machine learning, we can still achieve comparable results to deep learning, although we collected thousands of labels.

Our results showed that deep learning outperformed other state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms by at least 4.6 % in terms of classification rate.