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How do I block a server on Netduma? 

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In this paper, we propose a protocollevel hidden server discovery approach to locate the Tor hidden server that hosts the illegal website.

Protocol-level hidden server discovery
14 Apr 2013  35 citations

The results also hold for systems with general routing but in which no server can block more than one other server simultaneously.

This reliance on a central server also makes current systems inappropriate for wide area network use where the network bandwidth to the server may be limited.

In this paper, we argue that whitelist, as a strategy to defend against flooding attacks, can be more effective on a SIP server than a Web server.

This avoids the need to implement TCP/IP communication methods on the server side.

From the experiments on a campus network, it is shown that the proposed mechanism can detect botnets effectively while bots are connecting to their server or migrating to another server.

We remark that popular open-source server implementations are not susceptible to this attack, since they typically do not support the explicit curve option.

A cross-protocol attack on the TLS protocol
16 Oct 2012  71 citations