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How do I complain about noise in Hyderabad? 

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In conclusion, the noise pollution in the city is widespread throughout most of its streets area, where measured noise values are similar to those commonly observed in cities that do not have mitigation programs and whose road traffic is their principal noise generation source.

The results of this study provide valuable information regarding noise regulation in airports as well as facts that demonstrate how the manufactures and airlines are concerned about noise level reduction.

The testing demonstrates how this new way of thinking about noise effect modeling can be used in practice both in management support as a "noise annoyance adviser" and in social science for testing hypotheses such as the effect of noise sensitivity or the degree of urbanization.

Our results indicate (i) that noise discounts are overestimated in cross-sectional studies because aircraft noise tends to be negatively correlated with omitted neighborhood and housing amenities and (ii) that noise effects are unlikely to be constant over the entire noise range.

Moreover, the noise standard for each noise types of living noise should be specificated and the education for residents about characteristics of living noise types should be conducted to improve the consciousness of residents.

Environmental noise risk is discussed as a construct that can contribute to understanding how people evaluate the consequences of a developing noise source.