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How do I prepare for SQL Server DBA interview? 

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Without good preparation, you can just as easily fail at a telephone interview as at an in-person interview.

The telephone interview.
01 May 1988Applied Nursing Research      499 citations

In sum, the paper demonstrates how participants can show an explicit orientation to the interactional substrate of interview.

The residency interview process is resource intensive for programs and applicants.

Findings from these types of examinations of interview data generation and analysis are valuable for informing both interview practice as well as research design in further research.

Developments in the field of interview analysis have meant that robust and objective ways of assessing interview behaviours are now available; however, these systems in themselves do not provide a model for assessing competency.

The present study extends understanding of how officers personalize the investigative interview, as recommended by best practice guidelines.

The findings indicate general consistency among institutions in understanding the differences between a DBA and PhD, and a relatively uniform acceptance of key criteria for assessment of the DBA.