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How do you know if there is a spyware on your cell phone? 

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This paper presents SpySaver - a novel anti-spyware approach that reduces the incentive to deploy spyware.

This will help the response catch up to the threat, but only if IT professionals understand how spyware works.

Understanding spyware: risk and response
01 Sep 2004IT Professional      43 citations

I am sure that, at one point or another, you have been similarly annoyed in a public place by an inconsiderate cell-phone user.

Presently, there is limited data providing conclusive evidence for a comprehensible categorization of cell phone addiction, as well as a unified explanatory model specific to problematic mobile phone use.

The survey results show that most of the employees from services sector were agreed that the use of cell phone has improved their working efficiency and that the cell phone is necessary for better performance of work and that they do not think their colleagues use cell phone inappropriately in workplace its mean people are responsible enough to handle the use of cell phone.