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What are the features of artificial neural network? 

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A neural network can qualitatively predict what it has learned.

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are systems that can learn.

Artificial neural network is a versatile modelling tool capable of making predictions of values that are difficult to obtain in numerical analysis.

By using these tools, users can also understand and learn working mechanism of a typical artificial neural network, using features of different models and related learning algorithms.

Our approach has the potential to enable artificial neural networks to scale up beyond what is currently possible. Artificial neural networks are artificial intelligence computing methods which are inspired by biological neural networks.

The artificial neural network techniques are rather easy to develop and to perform.

Among these, the artificial neural network (NN) system appears to be a powerful tool to tackle situations in w...

In comparison, artificial neural networks reproduce features of these systems, satisfactorily well.

These findings can help to optimize features of artificial neural networks.