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How much does it cost to go to school to be a substance abuse counselor? 

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This comprehensive program can serve as a model for substance abuse counselor educators developing SACE programs at other universities.

Cost sharing for outpatient substance abuse treatment is very similar to that for mental health.

Results suggested that providing educational preparation for students aspiring to be substance abuse counselors should be implemented.

Findings raise concerns about the scope and quality of clinical supervision available to substance abuse counselors.

Last, substance abuse counselors are highly likely to be secondarily exposed to traumatic events through their work with traumatized populations, and many experience at least some symptoms of secondary traumatic stress.

The cost methodology presented in this paper can be used in other research projects and by treatment providers to generate consistent and comparable cost estimates of standard and enhanced substance abuse treatment programs.

Findings suggest that clearly defined procedures and sufficient staffing of qualified substance abuse counselors could lead to better programs.

Although the number of studies on the costs of substance abuse treatment programs has increased, our paper is one of the first to compare accounting and economic methods for analyzing cost data at the program level.

In addition to their application to insurance benefit cost estimation, these data illustrate the costing of best-practice adolescent treatment consistent with a Center of Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) Treatment Improvement Protocol.