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What are the current and emerging research topics in the field of artificial neural networks? 

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Evolved from the previous research on artificial neural networks, this technology has shown superior performance to other machine learning algorithms in areas such as image and voice recognition, natural language processing, among others.

Our approach has the potential to enable artificial neural networks to scale up beyond what is currently possible. Artificial neural networks are artificial intelligence computing methods which are inspired by biological neural networks.

Thus, we may assume that the research related to application of the artificial neural networks to agricultural engineering will be continued and their scope and number will be still growing.

An analysis of the current situation indicates that progress in the development of artificial neural network applications has largely stagnated.

In this paper also show that “what are neural networks” and “Why they are so important in today's Artificial intelligence?” Because various advances have been made in developing intelligent system, some inspired by biological neural networks.

A view of Artificial Neural Network
01 Aug 2014  40 citations

The profound and far-reaching effect can be predicted with development of artificial neural networks research.

We believe it provides a good opportunity for reflection on current developments in neural network research and its applications and gives an impression of where the research in the included topics is headed.

The common theme of this paper is that artificial neural networks have proven to be an interesting and useful alternate processing strategy.

Our results can be applied to a variety of situations that arise both in the field of biological and artificial neural networks.