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Ramin Zabih

Researcher at Cornell University

Publications -  120
Citations -  32838

Ramin Zabih is an academic researcher from Cornell University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Cut & Graph cuts in computer vision. The author has an hindex of 38, co-authored 120 publications receiving 31465 citations. Previous affiliations of Ramin Zabih include Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Interval Research Corporation.

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A taxonomy and evaluation of dense two-frame stereo correspondence algorithms

TL;DR: This paper has designed a stand-alone, flexible C++ implementation that enables the evaluation of individual components and that can easily be extended to include new algorithms.
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Fast approximate energy minimization via graph cuts

TL;DR: This work presents two algorithms based on graph cuts that efficiently find a local minimum with respect to two types of large moves, namely expansion moves and swap moves that allow important cases of discontinuity preserving energies.
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Fast approximate energy minimization via graph cuts

TL;DR: This paper proposes two algorithms that use graph cuts to compute a local minimum even when very large moves are allowed, and generates a labeling such that there is no expansion move that decreases the energy.
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Image indexing using color correlograms

TL;DR: Experimental evidence suggests that this new image feature called the color correlogram outperforms not only the traditional color histogram method but also the recently proposed histogram refinement methods for image indexing/retrieval.
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Non-parametric local transforms for computing visual correspondence

TL;DR: A new approach to the correspondence problem that makes use of non-parametric local transforms as the basis for correlation, which can result in improved performance near object boundaries when compared with conventional methods such as normalized correlation.