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JournalISSN: 0020-0255

Information Sciences 

Elsevier BV
About: Information Sciences is an academic journal published by Elsevier BV. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Computer science & Fuzzy logic. It has an ISSN identifier of 0020-0255. Over the lifetime, 15538 publications have been published receiving 568872 citations. The journal is also known as: Information sciences. Intelligent systems & Information sciences. Informatics and computer science.

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TL;DR: Much of what constitutes the core of scientific knowledge may be regarded as a reservoir of concepts and techniques which can be drawn upon to construct mathematical models of various types of systems and thereby yield quantitative information concerning their behavior.

12,530 citations

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TL;DR: A new optimization algorithm based on the law of gravity and mass interactions is introduced and the obtained results confirm the high performance of the proposed method in solving various nonlinear functions.

5,501 citations

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TL;DR: An extended version of Szpilrajn's theorem is proved and various properties of similarity relations and fuzzy orderings are investigated and, as an illustration, a fuzzy preordering is investigated which is reflexive and antisymmetric.

2,524 citations

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TL;DR: This paper is aimed to demonstrate a close-up view about Big Data, including Big Data applications, Big Data opportunities and challenges, as well as the state-of-the-art techniques and technologies currently adopt to deal with the Big Data problems.

2,516 citations

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TL;DR: The basic concepts of rough set theory are presented and some rough set-based research directions and applications are pointed out, indicating that the rough set approach is fundamentally important in artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences.

2,004 citations

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