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International Journal of Business Excellence 

About: International Journal of Business Excellence is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Supply chain & Service quality. It has an ISSN identifier of 1756-0047. Over the lifetime, 540 publication(s) have been published receiving 2830 citation(s).
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Abstract: Sustainability and development of banking system results in stable and efficient economic performance of the country. Accurate utilisation of financial resources aids in maintaining a smooth flow o...

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TL;DR: The study covered identification and hierarchisation of consumer preferences using Kansei engineering technique, and quantification of the weight of each Kansei words using fuzzy analytical hierarchical process method, and showed 'comfortable material' as the most sought Kansei Words.
Abstract: Understanding what consumers want is essential for firms to remain competitive. With more fragmented market, product development nowadays searches more to consumer feeling instead of product functionality. The research is a case study in a medium size apparel manufacturer for their male premium t-shirt. The study covered identification and hierarchisation of consumer preferences using Kansei engineering technique, and quantification of the weight of each Kansei words using fuzzy analytical hierarchical process method. The study identified 19 cleansed Kansei words hierarchised under five groups. The result showed 'comfortable material' as the most sought Kansei words. However, sensitivity analysis revealed slightly different preferences in certain respondent profiles for the next preferred Kansei words.

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Abstract: This study aimed to identify the impact of mobile marketing on the customer's loyalty in Jordan. The dimensions of mobile marketing were interactivity, personalisation, localisation, and convenience. The study population consisted of the customers shopping through mobile in Jordan; samples of 403 customers were taken. Their responses were investigated using a questionnaire designed for this purpose. The results were collected, inputted into the computer and the hypotheses were tested, using the SPSS program. The study results showed a statistically significant effect of mobile marketing (interactivity, personalisation, and convenience) on customers' loyalty, and there is a statistically insignificant effect of localisation on customers' loyalty. Based on the results, the researchers came up with some recommendations related to the fields of mobile content design, sharing information, benefit from the experiences, and solving customers problems.

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Abstract: The aim of this study is to empirically investigate the factors that affect the profitability of 1,308 listed firms operating in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India for the time period from 2011 to 2018. The research uses (pooled, fixed and random effect) models. Profitability is the dependent variable measured by three indicators which are return on equity (ROE) and earning per share (EPS). Liquidity (CR), leverage (LEV), company efficiency (CEFF), firm size (FSIZE), and working capital (WC) are considered as independent variables. The results of the study show that leverage, company efficiency, and firm size have a strong relationship with profitability measured by ROE. The results also reveal that company efficiency and firm size have a positive association with firms' profitability measured by ROE and EPS. The current research has three practical implications. First, it seeks to fill an existing gap in the literature of listed firms' profitability in Indian firms. Second, it provides new empirical evidence using different statistical analysis tools as a methodological contribution and used new variables. Finally, the present study brings useful insights and empirical evidence on the factors affecting profitability of Indian listed companies which are very beneficial for both internal users and external.

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