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Coded Imaging By Self-Imaging Structures (SIS) And Applications

16 Jan 1989-Vol. 954, pp 110-120

AbstractThe self-imaging property of the SIS has been utilized for transferring information from extended objects placed at certain distances from the SIS to its self-image planes. The concept of 'reverse shadow magnification' has been introduced, and the most important result is that full object information may be encoded in the self-images by changing this magnification. Typical computed and experimental results for incoherently illuminated objects have been presented in support of some of the conclusions. A simple illustrative application has also been described. more

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Abstract: It has been shown that the process of coded imaging of incoherently illuminated extended objects by self-imaging structures (SIS) naturally leads to the formation of Lau-type fringes at finite conjugates. The object grating and the grating representing the SIS need not be of the same period. The generalised Lau fringes are obtained under a conjugate relation characteristic of the SIS imaging and a general matching condition involving the periods and frequencies of the two periodic structures. The classical Lau fringes and the so-called finite conjugate classical Lau fringes are formed under special imaging conditions. Useful applications have been mentioned.

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Abstract: The formation and the contrast of Fourier images of a periodic object, especially a sinusoidally transparent object, are investigated under partially coherent illumination. It becomes apparent that the spatial coherence of light affects seriously the contrast of Fourier images and the positions of the Fourier image planes.

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