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Generation and reactions of the borate radical — A flash photolysis study

01 Aug 1988-Vol. 100, Iss: 4, pp 297-303

AbstractThe borate radical is produced by the flash photolysis of an aqueous alkaline solution of NaBO2 and K2S2O8. The absorption spectrum of the transient borate radical shows two maxima. The self decay of this radical is second order. Rate constants for the reactions of this radical with some organic substrates have been determined. more

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01 Jan 1964

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Journal Article
Abstract: Spectres RMN de 11 B a 127 et 160 MHz de solutions aqueuses de KB 5 O 8 •4H 2 O, K 2 B 5 O 8 (OH)•2H 2 O, K 2 B 4 O 7 •4H 2 O et NaB 5 O 8 •5H 2 O. Separation des signaux et discussion des especes formees en fonction de la concentration

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