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How to install Windows XPS Document Writer? 

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Automating writer identification would be beneficial for such experts' workloads.

This article is the first in a series of guides assembled by a committee of experienced XPS practitioners that are intended to assist inexperienced users by providing information about good practices in the use of XPS.

Experiments show, that this novel approach achieves better results to previously presented writer identification approaches.

This paper proposes a new system for offline writer identification and writer verification.

The present article confirms the preliminary results obtained by XPS.

We developed new and very effective techniques for automatic writer identification and verification that use probability distribution functions (PDFs) extracted from the handwriting images to characterize writer individuality.

Unlike traditional XPS spectra fitting procedures using purely synthetic spectral components, here we develop and present an XPS data processing method based on vector analysis that allows creating XPS spectral components by incorporating key information, obtained experimentally.

This research has demonstrated several XML-enabled examples beneficial for the main functions of ISO9000 document management such as document creation, document change, document control and document access.

They improve the performance of each other and thus show close approximation of supervised text-dependent writer identification and writer-dependent HMM handwriting.

It will be applicable to any kind of specimen that can be analysed in a conventional XPS system.