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What training is needed to be an agricultural engineer? 

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Brokerage has implications for the agricultural sector in developed and developing countries, in terms of improving the match of training provision to training needs, communication, coordination and collaboration across regions and industries.

Therefore, various forms of training should increase efforts to cultivate modern professional farmers and policies should be simultaneously developed to increase agricultural production levels.

We argue that an understanding of what produces satisfied agricultural technicians is important in its own right, but is also important for indirectly increasing agricultural production in these developing countries.

Survey results suggest methods to maximize professional education and training experiences relevant to agricultural exposures.

It is recommended that it is essential to identify the existing Agricultural Education and Training problems by considering both teaching and learning processes as well as, the attitude of students and educators towards Agricultural Education and Traini ng in order to produce efficient and capable professionals for the agricultural production and p rocessing systems.

Training should not be conducted at the time of sowing and harvesting time and lectures should be carried out during the training sessions and choose time suitable for agricultural extension workers.

The study has practical implications for current and future design and evaluation of training in agricultural domains.