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1st September, 1970

Experimental Design: Procedures for the Behavioral Sciences
Back-Translation for Cross-Cultural Research
The Hidden Dimension
On the Measurement of Inequality
Attachment and Loss. Vol. I. Attachment.
Analysis of individual differences in multidimensional scaling via an n-way generalization of 'eckart-young' decomposition
Theory of Elasticity (3rd ed.)
Increasing risk: I. A definition
A Protein Binding Assay for Adenosine 3′:5′-Cyclic Monophosphate
Cities and Housing.
Kinetic analysis of derivative curves in thermal analysis
Nuclear Structure, Vol. 1
Habituation: A dual-process theory.
Nonlinear Analysis of Stress and Strain in Soils
Displaced proximal humeral fractures. I. Classification and evaluation.
Student Social Class and Teacher Expectations: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Ghetto Education
On the generality of the laws of learning
The Convergence of a Class of Double-rank Minimization Algorithms 2. The New Algorithm
Displaced proximal humeral fractures. II. Treatment of three-part and four-part displacement.
Learning Structural Descriptions From Examples
A new extraction method for determining 2‐thiobarbituric acid values of pork and beef during storage
Growth of myxamoebae of the cellular slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum in axenic culture
Novelty, complexity, and hedonic value
Lens-System Diffraction Integral Written in Terms of Matrix Optics
Mean amplitude of glycemic excursions, a measure of diabetic instability.
Natural Symbols: Explorations in Cosmology.
EEG analysis based on time domain properties
Management of acute aortic dissections.
I. Selective Sorption of Bacteria from Seawater. II. Mechanism of the Initial Events in the Sorption of Marine Bacteria to Surfaces
Potential of ceramic materials as permanently implantable skeletal prostheses
Social interaction basis of cooperators' and competitors' beliefs about others.
IUPAC-IUB Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature. Abbreviations and symbols for the description of the conformation of polypeptide chains. Tentative rules (1969)
A novel principle for the computation of stress intensity factors
The role of calcium in the release of neurotransmitter substances and hormones
Non-Linear Lagrangians and Cosmological Theory
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: The Nature of a Paradigm
Electrical phenomena in amorphous oxide films
The pathogenesis of orbital complications in acute sinusitis.
Oligonucleotide interactions. 3. Circular dichroism studies of the conformation of deoxyoligonucleotides.
Mitochondria and calcium ion transport.
Monte Carlo determination of electron transport properties in gallium arsenide
The rapid intermixing of cell surface antigens after formation of mouse-human heterokaryons.
Transmission Network Estimation Using Linear Programming
Shock‐Wave Studies of PMMA, Fused Silica, and Sapphire
Permutations, matrices, and generalized young tableaux
The Implications of Terrestrial Heat Flow Observations on Current Tectonic and Geochemical Models of the Crust and Upper Mantle of the Earth
The pineal gland.
Structural geology in the eastern margin of the canadian rocky mountains
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Reflections on my Critics
Left ventricular volume and mass from single-plane cineangiocardiogram. A comparison of anteroposterior and right anterior oblique methods.
Adult lean body mass declines with age: some longitudinal observations.
National Role Conceptions in the Study of Foreign Policy
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Logic of Discovery or Psychology of Research?
Virtual memory
A study of brittle rock fracture in laboratory compression experiments
Densities of liquid silicate systems calculated from partial molar volumes of oxide components
Statistical Signs of Synaptic Interaction in Neurons
Community equilibria and stability, and an extension of the competitive exclusion principle
Symptom Patterns in Hyperkinetic, Neurotic, and Normal Children.
Social comparison, self-consistency, and the concept of self.
Drinking induced by injection of angiotensin into the brain of the rat
M. Friedman. The Optimum Quantity of Money
Critical Points in Multicomponent Systems
Aneurysmal bone cysts. A clinicopathologic study of 66 cases
Post-Newtonian metric for a general class of scalar-tensor gravitational theories and observational consequences
Well-posed stochastic extensions of ill-posed linear problems☆
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Normal Science and its Dangers
Radiation from an N -Atom System. I. General Formalism
Immunologic Relationship Between Genital Tric, Lymphogranuloma Venereum, and Related Organisms in a New Microtiter Indirect Immunofluorescence Test
A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Developing Rat Brain
Effect of 6-hydroxydopamine on brain norepinephrine and dopamine: evidence for selective degeneration of catecholamine neurons
Natural history of coarctation of the aorta
Quantum Theory of the Electromagnetic Field in a Variable-Length One-Dimensional Cavity
9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl function, a new base-sensitive amino-protecting group
Vertical Propagation of Stationary Planetary Waves in the Winter Northern Hemisphere
Turbulent loss of ring-current protons.
Conceptual and methodological considerations in the study of trust and suspicion
Delayed hypersensitivity-type granuloma formation and dermal reaction induced and elicited by a soluble factor isolated from schistosoma mansoni eggs
The influence of high substrate concentrations on microbial kinetics
Coronary heart disease in the Western Collaborative Group Study. A follow-up experience of 4 and one-half years.
On the subspaces ofL p (p>2) spanned by sequences of independent random variables
The Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Transform method for the calculation of vector-coupled sums: Application to the spectral form of the vorticity equation
The nitrogen cycle.
Prediction of bank failures
The Relationship of Alterations in Systolic Time Intervals to Ejection Fraction in Patients with Cardiac Disease
Pyrimidine metabolism in microorganisms.
Quantum mechanics and reality
Stereoselective syntheses. VI. Correlation of central and planar chirality in ferrocene derivatives
Statistical Mechanics of the XY Model. I
Ionic radii for use in geochemistry
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Consolations for the Specialist
Resistance of common groundsel to simazine and atrazine.
Multi-variate probit analysis
Geldanamycin, a new antibiotic.
Some properties of ipsative, normative, and forced-choice normative measures.
Ionization Potentials and Ionization Limits Derived from the Analyses of Optical Spectra
Analysis of a Mnemonic Device
Single-Particle Excitations in Magnetic Insulators
Dihydrotestosterone in prostatic hypertrophy: I. The formation and content of dihydrotestosterone in the hypertrophic prostate of man
Optimal investment and consumption strategies under risk for a class of utility functions
Infrared Studies of Segmented Polyurethan Elastomers. I. Hydrogen Bonding
Competition for Pollinators between Simultaneously Flowering Species
Manual for scoring socioeconomic status for research on health behavior
Observation of Formation of Deep Water in the Mediterranean Sea, 1969
Facile synthesis of methanesulfonate esters
Ten problems in Hilbert space
Plasma Amino Acid Levels and Insulin Secretion in Obesity
The cause of hepatic accumulation of fructose 1-phosphate on fructose loading
Mappings and grammars on trees
Anodic stripping voltammetry with a glassy carbon electrode mercury-plated in situ
The finite element method for elliptic equations with discontinuous coefficients
The Study of Regional Integration: Reflections on the Joy and Anguish of Pretheorizing
The in vitro cultivation and differentiation capacities of myogenic cell lines.
Total hip replacement by low-friction arthroplasty.
Mixed-function oxidase involvement in the biochemistry of insecticide synergists
Patterns of Atrioventricular Conduction in the Human Heart
Glucose‐induced electrical activity in pancreatic islet cells
Organization Context and Structure: An Abbreviated Replication.
A model for the evolution of pinniped polygyny.
Cultural Action and Conscientization.
Contact inhibition in tissue culture
Hackh's chemical dictionary, 4th ed.
Dipole Moment and Hyperfine Parameters of H35Cl and D35Cl
A Dynamic Estimator for Tracking the State of a Power System
Multiplicity of the Amino Acid Permeases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae IV. Evidence for a General Amino Acid Permease
The Carbon Cycle
Dietary Obesity in Rats: Body Weight and Body Fat Accretion in Seven Strains of Rats
Further observations on the formol-ether concentration technique for faecal parasites.
Biological activity of 25-hydroxyergocalciferol in rats.
Job satisfaction and job performance: A theoretical analysis
One-electron-transfer reactions in biochemical systems. V. Difference in the mechanism of quinone reduction by the NADH dehydrogenase and the NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (DT-diaphorase).
Telencephalic projections of the nucleus rotundus in the pigeon (Columba livia).
Contactual lysis of antibody-coated chicken erythrocytes by purified lymphocytes☆
Integrated view of resetting a circadian clock
Background of increased flow resistance and vascular "reactivity" in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
A technique of nonparametric multivariate analysis.
The Dimension of Ice Crystals in Natural Clouds
Feedback-induced muscle relaxation: Application to tension headache
The relative importance of blood monocytes and fixed macrophages to the expression of cell-mediated immunity to infection.
A Revised Theory of Regional Integration
Phases and states of sleep in the rat
On the Structure of Stress-Strain Relations for Time-Dependent Plastic Deformation in Metals
Organization of vertebrate retinas.
Functional compartmentation of ATP and creatine phosphate in heart muscle
The Neoclassical Theory of Production and Distribution
Finite Element Solution of Saturable Magnetic Field Problems
The Ohaki-Broadlands hydrothermal area, New Zealand; mineralogy and related geochemistry
Diversification, portfolio analysis and the uneasy case for conglomerate mergers
Marginality, Stress and Ethnic Identification in an Acculturated Aboriginal Community
A lymph node weight assay for the graft-versus-host activity of rat lymphoid cells.
Bureaucracy and innovation
The problem of volition.
Effects of ionospheric conductivity on convective flow of plasma in the magnetosphere
Neuere Erkenntnisse auf dem Gebiet der Synthese von Kohlenwasserstoffen aus CO und H2
The control and use of libration-point satellites
Uterine sarcomas: Classification, diagnosis, and prognosis
Thermal processes under island arcs
Developmental genetics of the lactate dehydrogenase isozymes of fish
Inverse Problems in Radiative Transfer: Determination of Atmospheric Parameters
The secchi disk in turbid coastal waters1
The Diagram, a Method for Comparing Sequences
A survey of commercially available tissue culture media
Rhodotorulic acid from species of Leucosporidium, Rhodosporidium, Rhodotorula, Sporidiobolus, and Sporobolomyces, and a new alanine-containing ferrichrome from Cryptococcus melibiosum.
Experimental Zoogeography of Islands. A Two-Year Record of Colonization
Transmission through a Conducting Screen Perforated Periodically with Apertures
Estimation of the mating system in open-pollinated maize populations using isozyme polymorphisms.
Method for determination of coral tissue biomass and composition1
Geochemistry of Viti Levu, Fiji, and its evolution as an island arc
The Uralides and the Motion of the Russian and Siberian Platforms
The radius of the essential spectrum
A Method for Discriminating between Models
Large-scale features of monthly mean northern hemisphere anomaly maps of sea-level pressure
Thermodynamic properties of organic oxygen compounds XXV. Vapour pressures and normal boiling temperatures of aliphatic alcohols
Mechanism of Activation by Adenosine 3′:5′-Cyclic Monophosphate of a Protein Phosphokinase from Rabbit Reticulocytes
Water Deficit Effects on Corn. II. Grain Components1
The role of cytoplasmic membranes in poliovirus biosynthesis.
Calcium-Dependent Action Potentials Produced by Catecholamines in Guinea Pig Atrial Muscle Fibers Depolarized by Potassium
The shape and movements of the human left ventricle during systole: A study by cineangiography and by cineradiography of epicardial markers☆
Properties and regulation of leaf nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate-malate dehydrogenase and 'malic' enzyme in plants with the C4-dicarboxylic acid pathway of photosynthesis.
On reluctance to communicate undesirable information: The MUM effect.
Solenoid Magnet Design
Infrared and microwave magnetoplasma effects in semiconductors
Inhibition by Isoniazid of Synthesis of Mycolic Acids in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Improved method for electrophoretic separation and rapid quantitation of isomeric chondroitin sulfates on cellulose acetate strips
Electrogenic Suppression of Automaticity in Sheep and Dog Purkinje Fibers
Depressed Myocardial Creatine Phosphokinase Activity Following Experimental Myocardial Infarction in Rabbit
Nuclear Collective Motion: Models and Theory
Corrosion and Corrosion Inhibition of Reinforcing Steel: I. Immersed in Alkaline Solutions
The classification of depressive illnesses
Biochemical site of regulation of bile acid biosynthesis in the rat.
Ethylene polymerization catalysis over chromium oxide
Cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity : ii. a light and electron microscopic description
The prenatal development of the mouse eye
A Double Sampling Scheme for Estimating from Binomial Data with Misclassifications
Continuity between the experimental study of attraction and real-life computer dating.
Characterizations of derived graphs
The visibility of transient changes of luminance
Alkaline phosphatases and phosphorus availability in lake kinneret1,2
Auroral arcs: Result of the interaction of a dynamic magnetosphere with the ionosphere
Porphyrins: XVIII. Luminescence of (Co), (Ni), Pd, Pt complexes☆
Civilian vascular injuries: a critical appraisal of three decades of management.
Structural Studies of Polyesters. III. Crystal Structure of Poly-ε-caprolactone
Significance of calcification of the coronary arteries.
Persistence and Change in Western Party Systems since 1945
Factor Prices and Technical Change in Agricultural Development: The United States and Japan, 1880-1960
Thalamotelencephalic projections in the turtle (Pseudemys scripta).
Bivariate Exponential Distributions in Reliability Theory
Purification of Rat Liver Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase and Immunochemical Studies on its Synthesis and Degradation
An Investigation of Wellbore Storage and Skin Effect in Unsteady Liquid Flow: I. Analytical Treatment
Synthesis of kinematic structure of geared kinematic chains and other mechanisms
An investigation of the relationship between eye and retinal image movement in the perception of movement
Nonproducer clones of murine sarcoma virus transformed BALB-3T3 cells
Clinical survey of 354 patients with gout.
5-Bromodeoxyuridine-Induced Differentiation of a Neuroblastoma
Continuous cultivation of microorganisms
Phonemic Variability in Apraxia of Speech
Variation in Total Body Water with Muscle Glycogen Changes in Man
Dependence of the r-mottled aleurone phenotype in maize on mode of sexual transmission
Réoxydation du quencher de fluorescence “Q” en présence de 3-(3,4-dichlorophényl)-1,1-diméthylurée
Horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase. The primary structure of the protein chain of the ethanol-active isoenzyme.
Sodium amobarbital, the hippocampal theta rhythm, and the partial reinforcement extinction effect.
On the problem of edge-bonded elastic quarter-planes loaded at the boundary
Senile plaques and cerebral amyloidosis in aged dogs. A histochemical and ultrastructural study.
Bio-compatibility in selection of materials for implantation.
The Communication of Inferior and Superior Attitudes by Verbal and Non‐verbal Signals*
Quantification of the contractile state of the intact human heart. Maximal velocity of contractile element shortening determined by the instantaneous relation between the rate of pressure rise and pressure in the left ventricle during isovolumic systole.
Magnetic exchange in polynuclear metal complexes
Small Business and the New Issues Market for Equities
Analytical representation of the Percus-Yevick hard-sphere radial distribution function
Radiation from an N -Atom System. II. Spontaneous Emission from a Pair of Atoms
Shale Alteration by Water Adsorption
Cytochemical and developmental changes in microbodies (glyoxysomes) and related organelles of castor bean endosperm
On the Foundations of Combinatorial Theory IV Finite Vector Spaces and Eulerian Generating Functions
Property rights and the behavior of the firm in a socialist state: The example of Yugoslavia
Photosynthetic Systems of Mediterranean-Climate Shrubs and Trees of California and Chile
Scattering by a two-dimensional periodic array of conducting plates
The concept of limited forms of Wegener's granulomatosis.
Studies on the chemotherapy of experimental brain tumors: development of an experimental model.
Mechanism of Inclusion Damage in Laser Glass
Strength Behavior of Polycrystalline Alumina Subjected to Thermal Shock
The Clinical Distinction between the Affective Psychoses and Schizophrenia
Ventilatory response to alterations of H+ ion concentration in small areas of the ventral medullary surface
An automatic computational procedure for calculating natural frequencies of skeletal structures
Solar wind flow past nonmagnetic planets: venus and mars.
The influence of alloying, temperature, and related effects on the stacking fault energy
Thermoconvective instability in a bounded cylindrical fluid layer
Stable marriage assignment for unequal sets
Antithrombin III, Antifactor Xa and Heparin
Thermal stability of indium nitride at elevated temperatures and nitrogen pressures
Electronic States of Mn2+‐Activated Phosphors. I . Green‐Emitting Phosphors
Epidermal Growth Factor: High and Low Molecular Weight Forms
Detection of Targets in Non-Gaussian Sea Clutter
Isolation, characterization, and surface chemistry of a surface-active fraction from dog lung.
Effects of environmental conditions on two species of muscardine fungi (Beauveria bassiana and Metarrhizium anisopliae)
A magnetoresistive readout transducer
Effect of birefringence on the performance of linearly polarized YAG:Nd lasers
The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study: Composition and Dynamics of the Tree Stratum
First-Time Slides in Over-Consolidated Clays
Binding of zinc to amino acids and serum proteins in vitro.
Neoplasia and downs syndrome
Biochemical and genetic studies of recombination proficiency in Escherichia coli. II. Rec+ revertants caused by indirect suppression of rec- mutations.
Luminescence phenomena in compounds with fergusonite structure
Mechanism of phenobarbital-induced hypercholeresis in the rat.
Balanced Repeated Replications for Standard Errors
Elastic bounce of the body.
The Department of Transportation: Concept and Structure
Absorption Spectrum of the Argon Molecule in the Vacuum‐uv Region
The Emerging Organizational Synthesis In Modern American History
Comparison of lethality and chromosomal damage induced by x-rays in synchronized Chinese hamster cells in vitro.
Phospholipids of bovine outer segments.
Kidney preservation for transportation: initial perfusion and 30 hours ice storage
Electron Attachment to SF6
Veins of the spinal cord: Anatomic details; suggested clinical applications
On deficiencies of differential polynomials, II
A Test for a Shifting Slope Coefficient in a Linear Model
Solar-wind proton properties: vela 3 observations from july 1965 to june 1967.
Optimal interdiction of a supply network
Pancreatico-duodenal allotransplantation: experimental and clinical experience.
An experimental study of the origin and the course of the centrifugal fibres to the olfactory bulb in the rat.
Fundamental Domains for Lattices in (R-)rank 1 Semisimple Lie Groups
Flavor chemistry of tomato volatiles
Ratio scales of sugar sweetness
Further studies on the platelet-inhibitory effect of guanidinosuccinic acid and its role in uremic bleeding
Thermokarst in Siberia and Its Influence on the Development of Lowland Relief
Ameloblastoma: Delineation of early histopathologic features of neoplasia.
Paget's disease of the breast.
Host range mutants of polyoma virus.
Total hip prostheses
The selection of variables in multiple regression analysis
Electrical activity in pancreatic islet cells: effect of ions
Path analysis: Psychological examples.
The gravimetric method of soil moisture determination Part I A study of equipment, and methodological problems
Sterols in Growth and Reproduction of Fungi
On the Extension of Beth's Semantics of Physical Theories
Biochemical studies on acrylamide, a neurotoxic agent
The reaction of antimycin with a cytochrome b preparation active in reconstitution of the respiratory chain
Helmholtz on perception: its physiology and development.
A high-pressure, high-temperature apparatus for rock deformation
Group-Specific Antigen Expression During Embryogenesis of the Genome of the C-Type RNA Tumor Virus: Implications for Ontogenesis and Oncogenesis
Constitutive Inorganic Pyrophosphatase of Escherichia coli I. PURIFICATION AND CATALYTIC PROPERTIES
Tertiary basalts of Baffin Bay: Possible primary magma from the Mantle
Self‐esteem and the effects of success and failure feedback on performance
Environmental aspects of clay minerals
Dynamics and Regulation of Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus Hudsonicus) Populations
Zoster immune globulin. A further assessment.
Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis
The protein quality of cassava leaves.
Natural flexural waves and the normal modes of periodically-supported beams and plates
Gene Centers of Plants as Sources of Disease Resistance
Identification of proinsulin and C-peptide in human serum by a specific immunoassay.
Colchicine‐binding activity in particulate fractions of mouse brain
Quelques applications de la formule de changement de variables pour les semimartingales
Renin relationships in congestive cardiac failure, treated and untreated
On the Mechanisms of Sodium Ion Transport by the Irrigated Gills of Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdneri)
Some effects of Fourier-domain phase quantization
Structure of porcine secretin. The amino acid sequence.
Acceleration of appearance of pulmonary surfactant in the fetal lamb by administration of corticosteroids.
Pinyon and Juniper invasion in black sagebrush communities in east-central Nevada.
Methods of Melissopalynology: International Commission for BEE Botany of I.U.B.S.
Psychosis and other psychiatric manifestations of levodopa therapy.
Hydrido complexes of zirconium I. Preparation
Bilateral symmetry and behavior.
Folate deficiency in depressive illness.
Hemolytic Anemia in Wilson's Disease
Paramagnetic induced shifts in the proton magnetic resonance spectra of alcohols using tris(dipivalomethanato)europium(III)
The formation of micro shear bands in polystyrene and polymethylmethacrylate
Anisotropic elastic parameters for soil
Changes in rate of cellular proliferation during the differentiation of cartilage and muscle in the mesenchyme of the embryonic chick wing
Effects on respiration and circulation of electrically stimulating the ventral surface of the medulla oblongata.
Blood Flow through Limb Muscles during Heavy Rhythmic Exercise
Free muscle transplants in dogs, with microsurgical neurovascular anastomoses.
Pyrolysis of polyacrylonitrile and related polymers—I. Thermal analysis of polyacrylonitrile
Deficient Photosystem II in Agranal Bundle Sheath Chloroplasts of C 4 Plants
The Effect of Cyclophosphamide on the Ontogeny of the Humoral Immune Response in Chickens
Isolation of fluorescent pseudomonads with a selective medium.
The commutation property of a stationary, axisymmetric system
Osmolality of mammalian blood and of media for culture of mammalian cells
Ipsilateral versus contralateral extinction in dichotic listening resulting from hemisphere lesions.
Diaschisis resulting from acute unilateral cerebral infarction. Quantitative evidence for man.
Blood Flow and Oxygen Extraction in the Cat Uvea at Normal and High Intraocular Pressures
A numerical solution of the multidimensional solidification (or melting) problem
Mercury in the marine environment
Selective Media for Isolation of Pathogenic Fungi
Pathways of fatty acid synthesis and reducing equivalent generation in mammary gland of rat, sow, and cow.
The spectral reflectance of american soils
On Convex Polyhedra
A general rotation criterion and its use in orthogonal rotation
Issues in Participant Observation: A Text and Reader:
Effect of intensive occupational exposure to DDT on phenylbutazone and cortisol metabolism in human subiects
Somatotopic cord-to-muscle relations in efferent innervation of cat gastrocnemius.
Some effects of the peritoneal insufflation of carbon dioxide at laparoscopy
Dihydrotestosterone in prostatic hypertrophy: II. The formation and content of dihydrotestosterone in the hypertrophic canine prostate and the effect of dihydrotestosterone on prostate growth in the dog
Preservation and transplantation of human cadaver kidneys: a two-year experience.
Comparative neurophysiological studies of hearing and vocalizations in songbirds
A ring-disk electrode study of the current/potential behaviour of platinum in 1.0 M sulphuric and 0.1 M perchloric acids
Ultrastructure of cells in the human bronchial submucosal glands.
On the role of serotonin and acetylcholine in sea urchin morphogenesis.
Postirradiation sarcoma. Including 5 cases after X-ray therapy of breast carcinoma.
Biochemical and pharmacological studies with asparaginase in man.
Oligomeric silsesquioxanes, (HSiO3/2)n
Simulation experiments illustrating stabilization of animal numbers by spreading of risk
Arsenic Sorption by Soils
Titration curves of fulvic acid: the analytical chemistry of a weak acid polyelectrolyte'
Sarcoidosis and chronic hepatic disease: a clinical and pathologic study of 20 patients.
Structural changes and strengthening in the strain tempering of martensite
Air pollution and exacerbations of bronchitis.
The Delta Function Approximation in Radiative Transfer Theory
Professional Standing and the Reception of Scientific Discoveries
Economic equilibrium with costly marketing
Polychlorinated Biphenyls Another Long-Life Widespread Chemical in the Environment
Some factors determining efficiency of selective attention.
Familial dysautonomia. A report of genetic and clinical studies, with a review of the literature.
Influence of starch digestion in the large intestine of sheep on caecal fermentation, caecal microflora and faecal nitrogen excretion.
Effects of Mild Water Stress on Enzymes of Nitrate Assimilation and of the Carboxylative Phase of Photosynthesis in Barley1
Arthropathy of haemochromatosis. Clinical and radiological analysis of 63 patients with iron overload.
Regulation of intracellular fluid volume and disease
Ultrafilters on a countable set
Pressure-induced diffusion of organic liquids through highly swollen polymer membranes
Methods of Predicting the Tip Clearance Effects in Axial Flow Turbomachinery
Chemical Composition of Wild-type and Mutant Aspergillus nidulans Cell Walls. The Nature of Polysaccharide and Melanin Constituents
Assessment of surgical patients' preoperative emotional condition and postoperative welfare.
Random phase model of amorphous semiconductors I. Transport and optical properties
Holographic thin film couplers
A colorimetric serum glucose determination using hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.
Throughflow on hillslopes and its relation to the stream hydrograph
Speech and Reading.
Effects of Isolation and Communication on Cooperation in a Two-Person Game.
Iterative solution of the radiative transfer equation for the temperature and absorbing gas profile of an atmosphere.
Cholinergic modulation of adrenergic arousal in the developing rat.
Some Dimensions of Auditory Language Comprehension in Aphasia.
Radioimmunoassay of Serum Levels of Luteinizing Hormone Throughout the Estrous Cycle in Pigs
Comparison of organic matter destruction by hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite and its effects on selected mineral constituents.
Epidemic Shiga bacillus dysentery in Central America. I. Etiologic investigations in Guatemala, 1969.
Seasonality of precipitation in the united states
Interaction of elastic waves with a Griffith crack
Binding of anilide-type local anesthetics in human plasma. I. Relationships between binding, physicochemical properties, and anesthetic activity.
On Managing a Courtesy Stigma
The interaction of psychologic stimuli and pharmacologic agents on airway reactivity in asthmatic subjects
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Seasonal changes in the energy and nitrogen intake in reindeer and caribou.
The comparative ultrastructure of the algal chloroplast
Magnetic Properties of some Cubic Rare‐Earth‐Iron Compounds of the Type RFe2 and RxY1−xFe2
Reconstruction of facial features from the skull: An evaluation of its usefulness in forensic anthropology
Long-term survival after renal transplantation in humans: (with special reference to histocompatibility matching, thymectomy, homograft glomerulonephritis, heterologous ALG , AND RECIPIENT MALIGNANCY).
Indians of North America
IUPAC tentative rules for the nomenclature of organic chemistry. Section E. Fundamental stereochemistry
The evolution of the stress concept: Stress and cardiovascular disease
Comparison of Effects of Palmitic and Stearic Acids in the Diet on Serum Cholesterol in Man
Perceived Control, Self- Observation, and Response to Aversive Stimulation.
Constitutional hepatic dysfunction (Gilbert's syndrome): A new definition based on kinetic studies with unconjugated radiobilirubin
The experimental psychology of sensory behavior
Total prosthetic replacement in rapidly destructive arthrosis of the hip joint.
The magnetospheres of Jupiter and Earth
An endonuclease activity from Escherichia coli absent from certain rec- strains.
Encoding and decoding of nonverbal affect in humans.
Gaussian sample functions and the Hausdorff dimension of level crossings
Plant Chemotherapy with Natural Products
Electrolytic breakdown crystallization of anodic oxide films on A1, Ta and Ti
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Against ‘Normal Science’
On the fourth-order anharmonic equation of state of solids
Respiration-driven proton translocation in Micrococcus denitrificans.
The relationship of delayed hypersensitivity to acquired antituberculous immunity: I. Tuberculin sensitivity and resistance to reinfection in BCG-vaccinated mice
Theorie der ChiralitÄtsfunktionen
Aerial dispersal in relation to habitat in eight wolf spider species (Pardosa, Araneae, Lycosidae)
Thinking about people thinking about people thinking about . . . : A study of social cognitive development.
Regulation of Cellular Interferon Production: Enhancement by Antimetabolites
Electron microscopic analysis of aggregation of embryonic cells: the structure and differentiation of aggregates of neural retina cells*
On acute pancreatitis
The Development of a Usable Lexicon of Environmental Descriptors
Extraretinal Light Perception in the Sparrow, III: The Eyes Do Not Participate in Photoperiodic Photoreception
Nickel(0)-catalyzed reaction of methylenecyclopropanes with olefins. A novel [.sigma.2 + .pi.2] cycloaddition
Finite diagrams stable in power
Plurality Maximization vs Vote Maximization: A Spatial Analysis with Variable Participation
Pseudo A-V Block Secondary to Premature Nonpropagated His Bundle Depolarizations Documentation by His Bundle Electrocardiography
Effects of ethanol on the activity of adenosine triphosphatase and acetylcholinesterase in synaptosomes isolated from guinea-pig brain
Comparing Common Markets: A Revised Neo-Functionalist Model
Effects of teacher attention on attending behavior of two boys at adjacent desks.
Non-repetitive sequences
The peak pool boiling heat flux on horizontal cylinders
Site of airway closure in excised dog lungs: histologic demonstration.
Interaction of N2 with (100) W
Pathology of human amebiasis.
Molecular spectra and molecular structure. Vol. III. Electronic spectra and electronic structure of polyatomic molecules . by O. Herzberg, D. Van Nostrand Co. Inc., Princeton, N.J., 1966, pp. 745, price £ 9.6s.6d
Oligonucleotide interactions. IV. Conformational differences between deoxy- and ribodinucleoside phosphates
The metal-nonmetal transition
Presidential address; time, life, and boundaries
Inference from inadequate and inaccurate data, I.
Influence of immunological factors in respiratory syncytial virus disease.
The properties of polyethylene crystallized under the orientation and pressure effects of a pressure capillary viscometer
A cognitive theory of psychophysics. II. Fechner's Law and Stevens' Law.
Enzymatic oxidations of linoleic acid and glycerol-1-monolinoleate in doughs and flour-water suspensions
The relationship of value importance to satisfaction
Wave Propagation in Hollow Conducting Elliptical Waveguides
Hydroperoxide Isomerase: A New Enzyme of Lipid Metabolism
An improved laboratory method for rearing large numbers of Spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).
Studies on a procoagulant fraction of southern copperhead snake venom: The preferential release of fibrinopeptide B
Effects of Oxygen on Acetylene Reduction, Cytochrome Content and Respiratory Activity of Azotobacter chroococcum
Acetylpyridinium ion intermediate in pyridine-catalyzed hydrolysis and acyl transfer reactions of acetic anhydride. Observation, kinetics, structure-reactivity correlations, and effects of concentrated salt solutions
Effect of glycine and glucose on sodium and water absorption in patients with cholera
The effect of environmental temperature on the production of ultrasounds by isolated non-handled albino mouse pups
Specific glucocorticoid-binding macromolecules from mouse fibroblasts growing in vitro. A possible steroid receptor for growth inhibition.
Present Conduct and Future Delinquency
Genetic polymorphism in a varied environment.
General theory of exchange-broadened nmr line shapes II. Exploitation of invariance properties
High pressure megacrysts in alkaline lavas from northeastern New South Wales
Survival after liver resection for cancer.
Studies on the mitochondrial oligomycin-insensitivt ATPase. I. An improved method of purification and the behavior of the enzyme in solutions of various depolymerizing agents.
Public Opinion and Regional Integration
Moment normalization of handprinted characters
Copper-Induced Acute Hemolytic Anemia: A New Complication of Hemodialysis
The gravimetric method of soil moisture determination Part III An examination of factors influencing soil moisture variability
Large‐amplitude hydromagnetic waves in the inner magnetosheath
The parasellar syndrome: problems in determining etiology.
Fifth metacarpal fractures in a compensation clinic population. A report on one hundred and thirty-three cases.
The molecular structure of nucleohistone (DNH).
Host-parasite relationships in experimental airborne tuberculosis. 3. Relevance of microbial enumeration to acquired resistance in guinea pigs.
A procedure for generation of three-dimensional half-toned computer graphics presentations
Accelerated denaturation of myosin in frozen solution
Primate grooming as a tension reduction mechanism.
Psychosocial factors in coronary heart disease
The pathogenic anaerobic bacteria
The hypocrealean fungi (Ascomycetes, Hypocreales).
Finite element method for domains with corners
Differential games, dynamic optimization, and generalized control theory
The Septate Junction: A Structural Basis for Intercellular Coupling
Complications of total hip replacement.
Etude Génétique du Virus de la Stomatite Vésiculaire: Classement de Mutants Thermosensibles Spontanés en Groupes de Complémentation
Chromatographic peak capacity and the factors influencing it
Thermal Expansion of AlAs
An Optimal Discriminant Plane
Effects of Paroxysmal Spike‐Wave on Continuous Visual‐Motor Performance
The Recreational Business District
A virtual machine time-sharing system
Composition of manganese nodules and manganese carbonates from Loch Fyne, Scotland
On the role of antidiuretic hormone in the inhibition of acute water diuresis in adrenal insufficiency and the effects of gluco- and mineralocorticoids in reversing the inhibition
Economic Losses Resulting from Mastitis. A Review
The results of treatment of 4389 cases of preclinical cervical squamous carcinoma
Quantitative estimation os bile salts in serum.
Metabolism of the cellular slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum grown in axenic culture
Preperceptual auditory images.
Classic Essays on the Culture of Cities.
Efficiency Aspects of Local School Finance
Modernization among Peasants
Analogues of methionine as substrates and inhibitors of the methionine adenosyltransferase reaction. Deductions concerning the conformation of methionine.
Adenocarcinoma of the vagina in adolescence. a report of 7 cases including 6 clear-cell carcinomas
The Effect of Prior Transfusion on Marrow Grafts between Histocompatible Canine Siblings
Augmentation of alkaloid formation from dopamine by alcohol and acetaldehyde in vitro
Representations and retrieval processes in short-term memory: Recognition and recall of faces
Speech therapy and language recovery in severe aphasia.
Philadelphia Chromosome in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Pulmonary Bed Sequestration of Neutrophils During Hemodialysis
Light-dependent Influx and Efflux of Potassium of Guard Cells during Stomatal Opening and Closing
Maximum Weights and Work Loads Acceptable to Male Industrial Workers
Heterochromatin recognition with fluorochromes
Differential thermal analysis study of various oxalates in oxygen and nitrogen
Noradrenergic Mediation of Experimental Cerebrovascular Spasm
Technology and Organization
Postoperative myocardial infarction: a study of predisposing factors, diagnosis and mortality in a high risk group of surgical patients.
Optimal synthesis problems solved by means of nonlinear programming and random methods
Time-Correlation Functions, Memory Functions, and Molecular Dynamics
Regularity Properties of Flows Through Porous Media: A Counterexample
Aspergillus Infection After Cardiac Surgery
Hybridisation experiments on five species of African schistosomes.
The Effectiveness of the Cognitive-Style Constraint in Implementing Operations Research Proposals
Elements of Gasdynamics And the Classical Theory of Shock Waves
Petrology and Geochemistry of Early Precambrian Graywackes from the Fig Tree Group, South Africa
Glyoxal derivatives. II. Reaction of glyoxal with aromatic primary amines
Hydrophobic areas on the active surface of cholinesterases
Tryptophan transport across the synaptosomal membrane.
Aversive conditioning by ethanol in the rat.
Dependence of Electromigration‐Induced Failure Time on Length and Width of Aluminum Thin‐Film Conductors
Psychiatric Illness and Female Criminality: The Role of Sociopathy and Hysteria in the Antisocial Woman
Growth Processes of the Anodic Crystalline Layer on Potentiostatic Oxidation of Lead in Sulfuric Acid
Atmospheric circulation during the last ice age
Family Systems: Morphostasis and Morphogenesis, or “Is Homeostasis Enough?”
Stone pavements in deserts1
The regulation of triglyceride synthesis and fatty acid synthesis in rat epididymal adipose tissue. Effects of insulin, adrenaline and some metabolites in vitro
Mixing and residence time distribution in melt screw extruders
The Classification of Depressive Illnesses
Intracellular Substrates for Endogenous Metabolism During Long-Term Starvation of Rod and Spherical Cells of Arthrobacter crystallopoietes
The visualization of Meckel's diverticulum with 99mTc-pertechnetate.
Crack Healing in Glass
A genetic study of febrile convulsions.
The distribution of Arenicola marina (L.) with particular reference to the effects of particle size and organic matter of the sediments
Potential extinction through competition between two species of terrestrial salamanders.
Neurophysiologische Untersuchungen zum Echoortungssystem der Großen Hufeisennase Rhinolophus ferrum equinum Schreber, 1774
An Application of State Estimation to Short-Term Load Forecasting, Part I: Forecasting Modeling
Holding power of orthopedic screws in bone.
Spectral analysis using ascent, descent, nullity and defect
Localization of regions mediating the Cushing response in CNS of cat.
Histopathologic Concept of Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis
Geochemistry of Mesozoic dolerite dikes from eastern North America
Ultrasonic detection of cavitation at catheter tips.
Behavioral effects of marihuana. Experimental studies.
The role of phenol and phenolic acids on the thrombocytopathy and defective platelet aggregation of patients with renal failure.
Effect of a short-term outpatient psychiatric therapy benefit on the utilization of medical services in a prepaid group practice medical program.
Some properties of "optimal" seasonal adjustment
An inquiry into the relations between phenomenology and geography
The Birth of “CAT” and Microscale Turbulence
A theorem on the measurement of inequality
Nutrient losses through tile drains under three cropping systems and two fertility levels on a brookston clay soil
Growth hormone dynamics in acromegaly.
Correction to A Lower Bound for Discrimination Information in Terms of Variation
Diurnal variations of the atomic oxygen density and temperature determined from incoherent scatter measurements in the ionospheric F region
Red giants in old open clusters.
Characterization of poliovirus-specific structures associated with cytoplasmic membranes.
Absorption Spectrum of the Argon Atom in the Vacuum-Ultraviolet Region
East coast fever: Cultivationin vitro of bovine spleen cell lines infected and transformed byTheileria parva
Ultrasonography in Ophthalmology
Sorption of bacteria to human enamel powder.
Predictors of mortality in the adult population of Tecumseh.
Auger electron energies of the outer shell electrons
Biosynthesis of Bacterial Glycogen
Hereditary Noetherian Prime Rings
State Calculation of Power Systems From Line Flow Measurements
Cortical visual areas I and II in the hedgehog: relation between evoked potential maps and architectonic subdivisions.
Conformational analysis. XXIII. 1,3-Dioxolanes
Ontogeny and tissue distribution of alcohol dehydrogenase inDrosophila melanogaster.
The Process of Status Evolution
Growth of nodular carcinomas in rodents compared with multi-cell spheroids in tissue culture.
The Bishop ash bed, a Pleistocene marker bed in the Western United States
Structural Framework of East China Sea and Yellow Sea
Nonplanarity in hexafluorobutadiene as revealed by photoelectron and optical spectroscopy
Peripheral nerve lesions similar to those of Marek's disease in chickens inoculated with reticuloendotheliosis virus.
Holographic Recording with Photopolymers
Properties of perfluorinated liquids.
Phosphorescence studies of environmental heterogeneity for tryptophyl residues in proteins.
Rifampicin Resistance of RNA Polymerase in the Binary Complex with DNA
On metric multidimensional unfolding
A colorimetric determination of inositol monophosphates as an assay for D-glucose 6-phosphate-1L-myoinositol 1-phosphate cyclase.
Job Characteristics and Pressures and the Organizational Integration of Professionals.
The Effect of Water Activity on the Heat Resistance of Heat Sensitive and Heat Resistant Strains of Salmonellae
Refraction Determined Electrophysiologically: Responses to Alternation of Visual Contours
Digestive Physiology and Nutrition of Ruminants
Genetic Transmission of Viruses That Incite Mammary Tumor in Mice
Motor performance under stress: a test of the inverted-U hypothesis.
Political Integration as a Multidimensional Phenomenon Requiring Multivariate Measurement
Rings, Modules and Linear Algebra
Are nucleophilic bimolecular concerted reactions involving four or more bonds a myth
The Effects of Sex and Race Norms On Personal Space
Separation of liquid mixtures by using polymer membranes. II. Permeation of aqueous alcohol solutions through cellophane and poly(vinyl alcohol)
Nontransient learned helplessness
On the Occurrence and Structure of Choanocyte-like Cells in Some Echinoderms
Retrograde pancreatography and cholangiography by fiber duodenoscope.
Temporal Disintegration and Depersonalization During Marihuana Intoxication
The Evolution of Multi-Phase Modes for Nonlinear Dispersive Waves
Evidence for a Transport Carrier of Nitrogen Mustard in Nitrogen Mustard-sensitive and -resistant L5178Y Lymphoblasts
Paramagnetic Anisotropy, Electronic Structure, and Ferromagnetism in Spin S = 32 Manganese(II) Phthalocyanine
An annoted list of the parasites of graminaceous stem borers in East Africa, with a discussion of their potential in biological control
STUDIES IN CYSTIC FIBROSIS Report of 130 Patients Diagnosed Under 3 Months of Age Over a 20-Year Period
Division spindle and centrosomal plaques during mitosis and meiosis in some Ascomycetes
The effects of light and temperature on growth rates in boreal‐subarctic crustose corallines1
Sporulation of Bacillus subtilis in continuous culture.
Rainbow's End: The Quest for an Optimal Taxonomy
Clinical features of tumor metastasis to the pituitary
Meningitis following acute traumatic cerebrospinal fluid fistula
Shear Strength of Montmorillonite
Visual intensity and pattern discrimination deficits after lesions of ectostriatum in pigeons
Excess vacancies and the nucleation of precipitates in aluminum-silicon alloys
Laboratory culture of thermophilic cyanophytes
Immunity in cutaneous leishmaniasis of the guinea-pig.
Long-Term Starvation Survival of Rod and Spherical Cells of Arthrobacter crystallopoietes
ATP-dependent and cyclic AMP-dependent activation of rat adipose tissue lipase by protein kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle.
Hip motion measurements for selected activities of daily living.
Changes in plasma and extracellular fluid volumes in patients with essential hypertension during long-term treatment with hydrochlorothiazide.
Oxidative phosphorylation coupled to oxygen uptake and nitrate reduction in Micrococcus denitrificans
Seasonal and areal changes in standing stocks of phytoplankton, zooplankton and micronekton in the eastern tropical pacific
Prognostic significance of lymph node dissection in the treatment of malignant melanoma.
The Chattanooga school children study: effects of community exposure to nitrogen dioxide. II. Incidence of acute respiratory illness.
Significance of Protection Potential in Pitting and Intergranular Corrosion
The religious and the secular
The Development of Role-Taking as Reflected by Behavior of Bright, Average, and Retarded Children in a Social Guessing Game.
The Simulation of a Jumbo Jet Transport Aircraft. Volume 2: Modeling Data
Mechanism of starfish spawning. iii. properties and action of meiosis-inducing substance produced in gonad under influence of gonad-stimulating substance
The incidence and distribution of slipped capital femoral epiphysis in Connecticut and Southwestern United States
Proliferative activity and cytochemical properties of nuclear chromatin related to local cell density of epithelial cells.
Conformational studies on transfer ribonucleic acid. Fluorescence lifetime and nanosecond depolarization measurements on bound ethidium bromidee.
Characteristics of transverse magnetic disturbances observed at 1100 kilometers in the auroral oval
Influence of the phosphodiester linkage (3'-5', 2'-5', and 5'-5') on the conformation of dinucleoside monophosphate.
Asthma induced by adrenergic aerosols
The glomerular capillary wall
Physical and dosimetric aspects of the radiotherapy of malignant lymphomas. I. The mantle technique.
Optimization Theory with Applications
Blood sugar and insulin response of humans in shock.
Hydrogen Stark broadening calculations with the unified classical path theory.
Binding and circular dichroism data on bilirubin-albumin in the presence of oleate and salicylate
An electron microscopic study of the entodermal cells of the yolk sac of the chick during incubation and after hatching.
Structure and glass transition thermodynamics of liquid zinc chloride from far-infrared, raman, and probe ion electronic and vibrational spectra
The Rikitake two-disc dynamo system
Regulation of DNA-like RNA and the apparent activation of ribosomal RNA synthesis in sea urchin embryos: quantitative measurements of newly synthesized RNA.
Glutathione metabolism of the erythrocyte. The enzymic cleavage of glutathione-haemoglobin preparations by glutathione reductase.
Modulation of hypothalamic self-stimulation and escape behavior by chlordiazepoxide.
Incremental Curve Generation
Cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity. I. A new look at the Jones-Mote reaction, general characteristics.
The effect of food density on survival and growth of early post yolk-sac larvae of the northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax Girard) in the laboratory
Atrial fibrillation in patients with idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis
Snail populations, beech litter production, and the role of snails in litter decomposition
Abbreviations and symbols for nucleic acids, polynucleotides, and their constituents
Changes in chloroplast fine structure during the autumnal senescence of Betula leaves.
Superconductivity: The Transition Temperature Peak Below Four Electrons per Atom
Biophysics and Biochemistry of the Vascular Wilt Syndrome
Synthesis and reactivity of novel palladium(II)-isocyanide complexes
The microcirculation of the bone marrow
Evidence for suppression of parathyroid gland activity by hypermagnesemia
Radio echo exploration of the Antarctic ice sheet, 1969–70
Hematological Observations on the Anemia Associated with Blood Type Rhnull
Chronic allogeneic disease. II. Development of lymphomas.
Molluscum Contagiosum: A Review
Incidence of an interest income tax
Photoemission from Organic Crystal in Vacuum Ultraviolet Region. IV
Prevalence of geographic tongue, fissured tongue, median rhomboid glossitis and hairy tongue among 3,611 Minnesota schoolchildren
Personality, Motivational Systems, and Behavior of High and Low LPC Persons
Special Education: A Teapot in a Tempest:
Fluorescence polarization in immunochemistry
Effect of insulin and acute diabetes on plasma FFA and ketone bodies in the fasting rat
Ein Divisionsproblem und Randintegraldarstellungen in der komplexen Analysis
Interpretation of rotational constants of the first singlet excited state of substituted benzenes in terms of molecular geometry
Leukemia in Fanconi's anemia: cytogenetic and tumor virus susceptibility studies.
Phytochrome controlled nyctinasty in Albizzia julibrissin. II. Potassium flux as a basis for leaflet movement.
Steady Infiltration from Line Sources and Furrows
Ethylene, 2 chloroethylphosphonic acid, and witchweed germination.
The effect of concentration of food on body weight, cumulative ingestion, and rate of growth of the marine copepod calanus helgolandicus
The regulation of triglyceride synthesis and fatty acid synthesis in rat epididymal adipose tissue. Effects of altered dietary and hormonal conditions.
The “Tetrad effect” of Peppard is a variation of the nephelauxetic ratio in the third decimal
Effects of a single large intravenous dose of methylprednisolone sodium succinate.
Genetic influences on the behavior of mice can be obscured by laboratory rearing.
Clinical value of the electrogram of the conduction system.
Elektrophysiologische Untersuchungen an Feuchte-, Trocken- und Kälterezeptoren auf der Antenne der Wanderheuschrecke Locusta
Enumeration of Threshold Functions of Eight Variables
The delivery and distribution of coronary collateral circulation.
The unknottedness of minimal embeddings
Dynamic characteristics of visual evoked potentials in the dog. II. Beta frequency selectivity in evoked potentials and background activity.
Fully Developed Plastic Shear Flow of Granular Materials
Analysis of nonlinear problems in rock mechanics with particular reference to jointed rock systems
An Introduction to the Physical Basis of Soil Water Phenomena
Diverticulum of The Female Urethra: Clinical Aspects and Presentation of a Simple Operative Technique for Cure
Adiabatic Theory of Chemical Reactions
The major component of human casein: a protein phosphorylated at different levels.
Vibrational spectra of benzene derivatives—X: Monosubstituted nitrobenzenes
Nucleation and Growth of Iron Oxides in Olivines, (Mg,Fe)2SiO4
Role of bacteria in modifying virulence of Entamoeba histolytica. Studies of amebae from axenic cultures.
Some variables contributing to the onset of cigarette smoking among junior high school students.
Boundary Layer Problems Exhibiting Resonance
The effect of copulatory behavior on hormonal change in the female rat prior to implantation.
Sickle-Cell Nephropathy
Corrosion and Corrosion Inhibition of Reinforcing Steel: II. Embedded In Concrete
Regulation of Arterial Pressure in the Anephric State
Some properties of a magnus embedding
Dynamics of Populations of Plant Parasitic Nematodes
Independence of tissues derived from apical layers in ontogeny of the tobacco leaf and ovary
A Finite-Difference Method for Calculating Compressible Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layers
New listings and their price behavior
Doppelnebenklassen als Klassenbegriff und Nomenklaturprinzip für Isomere und ihre AbzÄhlung
The Clinical Distinction between Psychotic and Neurotic Depressions
Rheological studies on dispersions of uniform colloidal spheres
Fluctuation Analysis in Simple Fluids
Estimation of Variance and Covariance Components in the Mixed Model
Hypocholesterolemic Effect of 4,4'-(Isopropylidenedithio)-Bis(2,6-di-t-Butylphenol) (Probucol)
Time-dependent behaviour of fractured rock
Semiclassical Perturbation Theory of Molecular Collisions. I. First and Second Order
Maturity, Mating, and Egg Laying in the Spider Crab, Chionoecetes opilio
Horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase. On the primary structures of the isoenzymes.
Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Does the Distinction between Normal and Revolutionary Science Hold Water?
A comparison of the antinociceptive actions of cholinomimetic and morphine-like drugs.
The crystal and molecular structure of methyl β-cellobioside–methanol
Rooting Systems of Soybeans. I. Differences in Root Morphology among Varieties1
Beam-Foil Spectra of Boron 450–5000 Å*
A Seismic Refraction Survey on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Vocal-cord paralysis with endotracheal intubation.
The emotional reaction to a stillbirth.
Cores and clubs
Photoreceptor Potentials of Opposite Polarity in the Eye of the Scallop, Pecten irradians
Horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase. On the primary structure of the ethanol-active isoenzyme.
Plaggen soils in the Netherlands.
"Silent" regurgitation and aspiration during general anesthesia.
Optimization of batch fermentation processes. I. Development of mathematical models for batch penicillin fermentations.
Central Hypotensive Activity of dl- and d-Propranolol
Elapid neurotoxins and their mode of action.
Measurements of the Reflection, Adsorption, and Desorption of Gases from Smooth Metal Surfaces
Gough Island: Evaluation of a fractional crystallization model
The morphology of the monomer–polymer particle in styrene emulsion polymerization
Effects of hematocrit on renal hemodynamics and sodium excretion in hydropenic and volume-expanded dogs.
On the physical basis of cell morphogenesis
Decay of Static Electrification by Conduction Processes in Polyethylene
Multi-Channel Magnetograph Observations. II. Supergranulation
Redistribution of Cardiac Output during Hemorrhage in the Unanesthetized Monkey
Matching of mass spectra when peak height is encoded to one bit
A nonoccluded virus of the field crickets Teleogryllus oceanicus and T. commodus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)
Electron paramagnetic resonance associated with Zn vacancies in neutron-irradiated ZnO
Seismic Refraction Study of Crustal Structure in the Western United States
Phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance study of trivalent phosphorus derivatives of metal carbonyls
Establishment of a Transplantable Ascites Variant of a Rat Hepatoma Induced by 3′-Methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene
Harderoporphyrin: a new porphyrin from the Harderian glands of the rat.
Perceptual characteristics distinguishing auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia and acute alcoholic psychoses.
Preuve d'une conjecture de Brieskorn
Effect of Alcohol on Gastric Emptying in Man
Binding of δ1-tetrahydrocannabinol to human plasma proteins☆
Degradation of various meat fractions by tenderizing enzymes
On the Existence of "Pursuit Invitation" Signals in Mammals
Charakterisierung einer Synchronkultur von Scenedesmus obliquus, ihrer potentiellen Photosyntheseleistung und des Photosynthese-Quotienten während des Entwicklungscyclus
Aromatic Polyesters with Large Cross-Planar Substituents
Canine intervertébral disk disease: characterization by age, sex, breed, and anatomic site of involvement.
Effects of facilitation exercise techniques in stroke rehabilitation.
Mechanical deformation of quartz
Immunofluorescent Detection of Herpesvirus Antigens in Exfoliated Cells from Human Cervical Carcinoma
The satellite cell bud and myoblast in denervated mammalian muscle fibers.
A neuronal model for the discharge patterns produced by cyclic inputs
Hypertension Complicating Carotid Endarterectomy
Goal Characteristics and Personality Factors in a Management-by-Objectives Program.
Splendid Isolation: A Study of Ideas Concerning Britain's International Position and Foreign Policy During the Later Years of the Third Marquis of Salisbury.@@@The Illusion of Permanence: British Imperialism in India.
Diminished renal urate secretion per nephron as a basis for primary gout.
The causes of neonatal mortality: an analysis of 501 autopsies on newborn infants.
Transient scattering from conducting cylinders
Das Strömungsfeld um eine rotierende Kugel
Similarities and Differences in the Erosion Behavior of Materials
Removal of oligosaccharides from soy milk by an enzyme from aspergillus saitoi
Evolution experiments with an artificial ecosystem
Intestinal pseudo-obstruction in systemic amyloidosis
Meander geometry arising from varying flows
Lipids of dystrophic and normal mouse muscle: whole tissue and particulate fractions
Path Integral Theory of Magnetic Alloys
Mechanisms of Metal Removal by Impacting Dust Particles
Shoot and tree production from Aspen tissue cultures.
Diffusion and Internal Friction in Na-Rb Silicate Glasses
Field-ion microscopy
Another type of risk aversion
Multilayer stacking faults and twins on {211} planes in B.C.C. metals
Biochemistry of Snake Venoms
Linear compactness and Morita duality
Growth and regeneration of waxes on the leaves of Eucalyptus.
Hypnotic drugs and their effectiveness. All-night EEG studies of insomniac subjects.
Impact Polystyrene: Factors Controlling the Rubber Efficiency
Elevation of the serum alkaline phosphatase coincident with ectopic-bone formation in paraplegic patients.
Interlaboratory evaluation of a material with unequal numbers of replicates
A population cage test for heterosis in Drosophila pseudoobscura.
The Generation Gap: A Review and Typology of Social-Psychological Perspectives:
The breakdown of British Coal Measure rocks
Further genetic studies of the south amherst population of drosophila melanogaster.
Epidemic Shiga Bacillus Dysentery in Central America. II. Epidemiologic Studies in 1969
Intestinal mucosal uptake of iron and iron retention in idiopathic haemochromatosis as evidence for a mucosal abnormality
Escherichia coli L-asparaginase. Catalytic activity and subunit nature.
Anion Exclusion Effects on Chloride Movement in Soils
A theory of motion sickness based on pharmacological reactions.
Gibberellic acid and the fine structure of barley aleurone cells : III. Vacuolation of the Aleurone cell during the phase of ribonuclease release.
Immunochemical studies on the serum, intestinal secretions and intestinal mucosa in patients with adult celiac disease and other forms of the celiac syndrome.
Microtechnique for quantitative evaluation of in vitro lymphocyte transformation.
The atrioventricular conduction system in persistent common atrioventricular canal defect: correlations with electrocardiogram.
On theories for visual space perception. A letter to Gibson.
Radiotherapy of cancer of the larynx.
Square-wave analysis of skin impedance.
The two-phase critical discharge of initially saturated or subcooled liquid
Vascular Calcification and Peripheral Necrosis in a Renal Transplant Recipient Reversal of Lesions Following Subtotal Parathyroidectomy
A comparison of lithium carbonate and chlorpromazine in mania.
Galactose Transport in Saccharomyces cerevisiae II. Characteristics of Galactose Uptake and Exchange in Galactokinaseless Cells
Transfer of cellular hypersensitivity in chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis monitored in vivo and in vitro
Concentration of trace metals by solvent extraction and their determination by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
Laser speckle and its elimination
Some morphological aspects of regrouping phenomena in Dutch soils.
Phytochrome and hormonal control of expansion and greening of etiolated wheat leaves
The number of conjugacy classes in a finite group
Some aspects of the distribution, chemistry, and mineralogy of suspended matter in the Gulf of Maine
A new method for the preparation of rat liver lysosomes. Separation of cell organelles of rat liver by carrier-free continuous electrophoresis
Foliar permeability among twenty species of Bromeliaceae.
Environmental effects upon fluorescence of 5- and 8-hydroxyquinoline
Comparative photosynthesis, growth and transpiration of two species of Atriplex.
II. All-night EEG Studies of Chloral Hydrate, Flurazepam, and Methaqualone
Disruptions of auditory sequence discrimination by unilateral and bilateral cortical ablations of superior temporal gyrus in the monkey.
Stress-Corrosion Cracking and the Interaction Between Crack-Tip Stress Field and Solute Atoms
Lunar cratering chronology
Firing of neuron pairs in cat association cortex during sleep and wakefulness.
Growth of Sapphire Disks from the Melt by a Gradient Furnace Technique
A study of extradural medication in the relief of the lumbosciatic syndrome.
Conformation of the anticodon loop of phenylalanine transfer ribonucleic acid. Effect of environment on the fluorescence of the Y base
Variation in Xanthomonas Malvacearum and its Relation to Control
The Impact of Words and Deeds Concerning Altruism Upon Children.
Metabolism of propanil in soils.
Book reviewPhysical control of the mind: J. M. R. Delgado. (Harper and Row, New York, 281 p., $7.95)
Prevalence of serum-hepatitis-related antigen (SH) in different geographic regions.
Isolation and propagation of a virus from a spontaneous mammary carcinoma of a rhesus monkey.
Behavioral responses of free-ranging rhesus monkeys to food shortage
A comparison of remote sensing of the clear atmosphere by optical, radio, and acoustic radar techniques.
The biochemical techniques for detecting and establishing the presence of a pheochromocytoma. A review of ten years' experience.
Solubilization of insoluble phosphates by soil fungi isolated from nursery seedbeds.
Plasminogen plasmin system: V. A stoichiometric equilibrium complex of plasminogen and a synthetic inhibitor☆
The transplantation of nuclei from single cultured cells into enucleate frogs' eggs.
Cortisol and cortisone metabolism in the human foeto-placental unit at midgestation
Mechanism of Carcinogenesis by RNA Tumor Viruses, I. An RNA-Dependent DNA Polymerase in Murine Sarcoma Viruses
Heart rate and skin conductance during experimentally induced anxiety: The effect of uncertainty about receiving a noxious stimulus.
Sodium Movements in the Human Red Blood Cell
The FeN bond lengths, the “ionic radii” of iron (II), and the crystal field parameters (10Dq) in a high-spin and low-spin [FeII-N6] complex
The possible transport of trace metals via moulted copepod exoskeletons1
Bovine ostertagiasis: structure, function and mode of differentiation of the bovine gastric mucosa and kinetics of the worm loss.
Marihuana, Ethanol, and Dextroamphetamine: Mood and Mental Function Alterations
Mechanism of passivation processes of the lead sulphate electrode
Silyl-proton exchange reactions
Viscosity dependence of bond homolysis. Qualitative and semiquantitative test for cage return
Homocystinuria due to cystathionine synthase deficiency: the effect of pyridoxine
Effect of Crystalline Ricin on the Biosynthesis of Protein, RNA, and DNA in Experimental Tumor Cells
Antifertility screening of plants--effect of four indigenous plants on early pregnancy in female albino rats.
Development of total prosthetic replacement of the hip.
Arthritis associated with Salmonella infections.
Microbial Conversion of Petro-sulfur Compounds: Part III. Isolation and Identification of Products from Dibenzothiophene
Malignant melanoma of the conjunctiva.
Fertility control in male rats by continuous release of microquantities of cyproterone acetate from subcutaneous silastic capsules
Embryogenesis of the pea (Pisum sativum) I. The cytological environment of the developing embryo
Circulatory transport of iodoantipyrine and water in the isolated dog heart.
Echographic diagnosis of pancreatic lesions. Ultrasound scanning techniques and diagnostic findings.
Ultrastructure of a Temperature-Sensitive Rod− Mutant of Bacillus subtilis
Micronutrient uptake and mobility within corn plants (Zea mays L.) in relation to phosphorus-induced zinc deficiency.
Integrating cavity spectroscopy.
Monoclinic–tetragonal phase transition in zirconia: mechanism, pretransformation and coexistence
Puerto Rican spiritualists view mental illness: the faith healer as a paraprofessional.
Japanese Americans—The evolution of a subculture
Mineralogic and isotopic investigations on lunar rock 12013
Frrequency and Distribution of Stomata in Barley 1
Gelation Phenomena of Soybean Globulins. I. Protein-Protein Interactions
The electron transport system of Acetobacter suboxydans with particular reference to cytochrome o
Immunohistochemical localization of dopamine- -hydroxylase in the peripheral and central nervous system.
Creativity: Retrospect and Prospect*
Glutamine synthetase in muscle and kidney.
Write-read-erase in situ optical memory using thermoplastic holograms.
Autumn fat deposition and gross body composition in three species of Myotis
Synchronization of Mouse L-Cells by a Velocity Sedimentation Technique
Biological activity of bacteriophage ghosts and "take-over" of host functions by bacteriophage.
Radioimmunoassay of human plasma retinol-binding protein
Meiotic Mechanisms of Naturally Occurring Unisexual Vertebrates
Septic pulmonary emboli.
Polynucleotide ligase-catalyzed joining of deoxyribo-oligonucleotides on ribopolynucleotide templates and of ribo-oligonucleotides on deoxyribopolynucleotide templates
Choline acetyltransferase in individual neurons of Aplysia californica.
Crown Development and Site Estimates in a Douglas-Fir Plantation Spacing Test
Electrical and metabolic activities and fatigue in human isometric contraction.
The ultrastructure of spontaneous and experimentally induced arterial lesions. II. The spontaneous plaque in the chicken.
Occurrence of a mycotoxin, ochratoxin A, in wheat and isolation of ochratoxin A and citrinin producing strains of Penicillium viridicatum.
Coupling mechanisms in anionic substrate transport across the inner membrane of rat-liver mitochondria.
Kinetic study on the hexacelsian-celsian phase transformation
The pathophysiology of pulmonary edema.
Design of experiments to estimate heritability by regression of offspring on selected parents.
Amino Acid, Protein, and Caloric Content of Vascular Aquatic Macrophytes
Characteristics of electrogenic sodium pumping in rat myometrium.
Quantitative aspects of hepatic and portal glucose metabolism and turnover in sheep
Self-sorting of isotropic cells
Localization of two species specific antigenic determinants on the peptide chains of calf skin collagen.
Antibody to Genital Herpes Simplex Virus: Association With Cervical Atypia and CarcinomaIn Situ
The Oxygen Cycle
The origin and structure of the tertiary envelope in thick-shelled eggs of the brine shrimp, Artemia.
Preferential polar pathways in the cuticle and their relationship to ectodesmata
Chemistry and Logical Structures
New Method for Distorted-Wave Analysis of Stripping to Unbound States
Analysis of amorphous layers on silicon by backscattering and channeling effect measurements
Correlation Parameters for Eliminating the Effect of Pulse Shape on Dynamic Plastic Deformation
The Regression of Log N(n+1) On Log N(n) as a Test of Density Dependence: An Exercise with Computer-Constructed Density-Independent Populations
The localization of some coenzyme A-dependant enzymes in rat liver mitochondria
Comedogenicity of human sebum.
Relative frequencies of numerical responses in ratio estimation1
Thermodynamics of the UO2+x phase I. Heat capacities of UO2.017 and UO2.254 from 300 to 1000 K and electronic contributions
Selection in finite populations with multiple alleles. II. Centripetal selection, mutation, and isoallelic variation.
Letters to the Editor: Hazy Reflections of Public Opinion
Melting Reactions in the System $NaAlSi_{3}O_{8}-KAlSi_{3}O_{8}-SiO_{2}-H_{2}O$ to 20 Kilobars Compared with Results for Other $Feldspar-Quartz-H_{2}O$ and $H_{2}O$ Systems
Uniaxial stress behavior of porphyritic tonalite at strain rates to 103/second
Significance of insulin in the metabolic adaptation of rats to meal ingestion.
Batch-fabricated thin-film magnetic recording heads
Ferrochelatase of Rhodopseudomonas spheroides
Characterization of Glucagon-like Immunoreactivity (GLI)
Unusual type of epidemic conjunctivitis in Ghana.
Maintained and evoked unit activity in the mesencephalic reticular formation of the freely behaving cat
Temperature and potential temperature beneath island arcs
Existence of Equilibria for Economies with Production and a Measure Space of Consumers
Psychological issues pertaining to malocclusion
The water cycle
Catalytic effect of metal oxides on thermal decomposition reactions. II. Catalytic effect of metal oxides on the thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate and potassium perchlorate as detected by thermal analysis methods
The effect of local cooling upon spontaneous and evoked electrical activity of cerebral cortex.
Zipf's Law and Prior Distributions for the Composition of a Population
A study of self‐explicated utility models
Structure-activity correlations of morphine-like analgetics based on efficiencies following intravenous and intraventricular application.
Squamous cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis.
Management of carcinoid tumors.
Age and sex differences in values toward physical handicaps.
A study of the irregularities in the night time equatorial E-region using a Langmuir probe and plasma noise probe
Inhibition of Ribonucleotide Reductase, DNA Synthesis, and L1210 Leukemia by Guanazole
A unified formulation of segment companding laws and synthesis of codecs and digital compandors
Changing Ideals in Modern Architecture: 1750-1950
The temperature dependence of contact angles polytetrafluoroethylene/N-alkanes
Conduction Bands in In1−xAlxP
Cogroups and Suspensions.
The occipital sinus
Abbreviation of behavioral estrus in guinea pigs by coital and vagino-cervical stimulation.
Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Rye (Secale cereale L.)1
Selective bivalve shell destruction in marine environments; a field study
A new aid to aging immature skeletons: development of the occipital bone.
Primary and secondary hypochondriasis
Laser Heterodyne System for Measurement and Analysis of Vibration
Minor and Trace Elements in Meteoritic Minerals
Rheological studies on dispersions of uniform colloidal spheres I. Aqueous dispersions in steady shear flow
Artificial enhancement of energetic particle precipitation through cold plasma injection: A technique for seeding substorms?
Raised serum alkaline phosphatase in rheumatoid disease. An index of liver dysfunction
Intracranial arterial spasm in the dog. A chronic experimental model.
The electrocardiogram and the central nervous system
Pressure Dependence of the Elastic Constants of NaCl at Low Temperatures
Hiearchies of Boolean Algebras
Loosening of total hip replacements with cement fixation. Clinical findings and laboratory studies.
Calcium metabolism in pregnant ewes.
Paramagnetic Anisotropy, Low Temperature Magnetization, and Electronic Structure of Iron(II) Phthalocyanine
Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation of Liquids Confined in Porous Solids
The fate of c14-dihydroxyphenylalanine (c14-dopa) in the whole mouse
Poverty in Britain and the reform of social security
Eye movements in the dark during the attempt to maintain a prior fixation position.
Theory of spacecraft sheath structure, potential, and velocity effects on ion measurements by traps and mass spectrometers
Limnological studies of Lake Norrviken, a eutrophicated Swedish Lake
Analysis of Ram Ventilation of Fish Gills with Application to Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis)
Crystallography of the silver-rich rare-earth–silver intermetallic compounds
The origin and secretion of pancreatic juice bicarbonate.
Vascular Supply to the Optic Nerve of Primates
The Performance of Phragmites communis Trin. in Relation to Water-supply
Freshwater ostracodes of Canada. Part III. Family Candonidae
The Conformational Energy of Maltose and Amylose
A criterion for inhomogeneous plastic deformation
Band structure of silicon by characteristic auger electron spectrum analysis
Graves' disease in Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1935 through 1967.
Stability of the thoracic and lumbar spine in traumatic paraplegia following fracture or fracture-dislocation.
Presence of nucleoside triphosphate phosphohydrolase activity in purified virions of reovirus.
Mixed thiocyanate bonding in palladium(II) complexes of bidentate ligands
The role of syntax in children's comprehension from ages six to twelve
The effect of additives on the process of crystallization II. Further studies on calcium sulphate (1)
Cleavage of single amino acid residues from Merrifield resin with hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride.
Free cells in the lungs. Some aspects of their role, quantitation, and regulation.
Minimal total absolute curvature for immersions
Spectral Analysis with Randomly Missing Observations
R-Matrix Expansion for the Ground-State Energy of a Many-Fermion System
Oxytetracycline‐Glucose‐Yeast Extract Agar for Selective Enumeration of Moulds and Yeasts in Foods and Clinical Material
Circular relation between understanding and logic
The Composition of Interstellar Grains
Long-term follow-up of cytomegalic inclusion disease of infancy.
The transition from sensory-motor behaviour to symbolic activity
The effects of feeding procedure on closure of the oesophageal groove in young sheep.
Measurement of the force of adhesion between submicron carbon-black particles and a cellulose film in aqueous solution
Basic Concepts of Measurement.
A reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide--linked kinetic assay for adenosine deaminase activity.