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Feifei Li

Researcher at Alibaba Group

Publications -  209
Citations -  9258

Feifei Li is an academic researcher from Alibaba Group. The author has contributed to research in topics: Computer science & Query optimization. The author has an hindex of 43, co-authored 184 publications receiving 7364 citations. Previous affiliations of Feifei Li include Boston University & Florida State University.

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DeepLog: Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis from System Logs through Deep Learning

TL;DR: DeepLog, a deep neural network model utilizing Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), is proposed, to model a system log as a natural language sequence, which allows DeepLog to automatically learn log patterns from normal execution, and detect anomalies when log patterns deviate from the model trained from log data under normal execution.
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Approximate aggregation techniques for sensor databases

TL;DR: This work generalizes well known duplicate-insensitive sketches for approximating COUNT to handle SUM and presents and analyze methods for using sketches to produce accurate results with low communication and computation overhead, and presents an extensive experimental validation of the methods.
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Dynamic authenticated index structures for outsourced databases

TL;DR: This work defines a variety of essential and practical cost metrics associated with ODB systems and looks at solutions that can handle dynamic scenarios, where owners periodically update the data residing at the servers, both for static and dynamic environments.
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On trip planning queries in spatial databases

TL;DR: This paper provides a number of approximation algorithms with approximation ratios that depend on either the number of categories, the maximum number of points per category or both, and gives an experimental evaluation of the proposed algorithms using both synthetic and real datasets.
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NDC: Analyzing the impact of 3D-stacked memory+logic devices on MapReduce workloads

TL;DR: A number of key elements necessary in realizing efficient NDC operation are described and evaluated, including low-EPI cores, long daisy chains of memory devices, and the dynamic activation of cores and SerDes links.