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Hisashi Yamamoto

Bio: Hisashi Yamamoto is an academic researcher from Chubu University. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Enantioselective synthesis & Catalysis. The author has an hindex of 79, co-authored 1476 publication(s) receiving 22398 citation(s). Previous affiliations of Hisashi Yamamoto include King Abdulaziz University & University of Chicago.
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Jiahang Yan1, Zhiqiang Zhou1, Qiaoqiao He1, Guzhou Chen1  +2 moreInstitutions (1)
Abstract: Halocyclization of olefinic substrate enables establishment of cyclic skeletons via intramolecular halonium-induced nucleophilic addition, which have been well utilized as a practical strategy for constructing cyclic skeleton in natural product synthesis. Recently, the renaissance and rapid evolution of organocatalysis accelerate the development of catalytic asymmetric halocyclization. In this context, natural product synthesis powered by catalytic asymmetric halocyclization has also received considerable progresses in recent years. In seom cases, these newly developed protocols enable more concise synthetic routes for accessing enantioenriched natural products. To this end, this review summarized the applications of catalytic asymmetric halocyclization in natural product synthesis.

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Author's H-index: 79

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