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Can you be a substance abuse counselor with a DUI? 

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Behavioral health professionals with training in substance abuse can provide a range of services that are likely to enhance the quality and quantity of care available to patients.

Results suggested that providing educational preparation for students aspiring to be substance abuse counselors should be implemented.

Its purpose is to suggest that the profession of rehabilitation counseling can have a positive impact on the professionalization of substance abuse counseling.

Findings raise concerns about the scope and quality of clinical supervision available to substance abuse counselors.

Despite their lack of substance abuse training, counselors were highly confident in their ability to provide quality substance abuse services.

This comprehensive program can serve as a model for substance abuse counselor educators developing SACE programs at other universities.

clarify previous findings on DUI personality types and establish a basis for tailoring therapeutic treatments to different types of DUI offenders.

The results of this study indicate that completion of a comprehensive, long-term substance abuse training program not only increases clinicians' knowledge about substance abuse issues, but also impacts positively on their attitudes and behavior t...

Findings suggest that clearly defined procedures and sufficient staffing of qualified substance abuse counselors could lead to better programs.