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What kind of rice is good for diabetic patients? 

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Thus, intake of pre-germinated brown rice may have a beneficial effect in the treatment of diabetes, in particular diabetic neuropathy.

Oxidative stress is implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetic complications, and can be increased by diet like white rice (WR).

The low glycemic response to high amylose rice and particularly the rice noodles suggests that these foods may have health benefits to both normal and diabetic individuals.

Diabetic patients must be informed to include brown rice in their diet.

These results indicate that wx/ae brown rice is a good candidate food for the prevention of type 2 diabetes and hypertriglyceridaemia.

Rice with low glutelin content is suitable as functional food for patients affected with diabetes and kidney failure.

In conclusion rice is well tolerated and should be advocated as the carbohydrate source of choice for patients with FGID.

These results suggest that intake of PGBR instead of white rice is effective for the prevention of diabetic vascular complications.

Rice having lower glycemic and insulinemic impact is a better suited food for diabetic individuals who already have a compromised insulin status.

These findings support the conclusion that a rice bran oil-containing diet can significantly suppress hyperlipidemic and hyperinsulinemic responses in diabetic rats.