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About: Physica Scripta is an academic journal. The journal publishes majorly in the area(s): Ion & Plasma. It has an ISSN identifier of 0031-8949. Over the lifetime, 20556 publication(s) have been published receiving 228609 citation(s). more

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01 May 1999-Physica Scripta
Abstract: We have derived the general solution of a wave equation describing the dynamics of two-layer viscoelastic polymer materials of arbitrary thickness deposited on solid (quartz) surfaces in a fluid environment. Within the Voight model of viscoelastic element, we calculate the acoustic response of the system to an applied shear stress, i.e. we find the shift of the quartz generator resonance frequency and of the dissipation factor, and show that it strongly depends on the viscous loading of the adsorbed layers and on the shear storage and loss moduli of the overlayers. These results can readily be applied to quartz crystal acoustical measurements of the viscoelasticity of polymers which conserve their shape under the shear deformations and do not flow, and layered structures such as protein films adsorbed from solution onto the surface of self-assembled monolayers. more

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Padma Kant Shukla, V P Silin1Institutions (1)
01 May 1992-Physica Scripta
Abstract: The existence of a new low-frequency electrostatic wave in an unmagnetized collisionless dusty plasma is pointed out. more

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Samuel M. Webb1Institutions (1)
01 Jan 2005-Physica Scripta
Abstract: SIXPack (Sam's Interface for XAS analysis Package), a graphical user interface that allows users simple manipulation and analysis of data, is presented. The modules of SIXPack allow users to: (1) load, calibrate, and average raw data files; (2) perform background subtractions; (3) perform principal component analysis and target transforms; (4) perform least squares fitting of data to standards and functions; (5) perform EXAFS fitting to FEFF phase and amplitude files; (6) create single scattering FEFF phase and amplitude files using a periodic table interface. Novel features of the program allow for the fitted correction of XANES spectra due to self-absorption effects in unknown matrices, which is particularly useful for analysis of geochemical and environmental systems. The core of the XAS analysis routine uses IFEFFIT. SIXPack is developed in Python, is installable across many operating systems and platforms, and is freely available with an Open Source license. more

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Willy Malfliet1, Willy Hereman2Institutions (2)
01 Dec 1996-Physica Scripta
Abstract: A systemized version of the tanh method is used to solve particular evolution and wave equations. If one deals with conservative systems, one seeks travelling wave solutions in the form of a finite series in tanh. If present, boundary conditions are implemented in this expansion. The associated velocity can then be determined a priori, provided the solution vanishes at infinity. Hence, exact closed form solutions can be obtained easily in various cases. more

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01 Sep 1989-Physica Scripta
TL;DR: A very brief presentation of how lattice gas hydrodynamics is made and includes key references. more

Abstract: A very brief presentation of how lattice gas hydrodynamics is made. It includes key references. more

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