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Mary Kathryn Thompson

Researcher at Technical University of Denmark

Publications -  54
Citations -  2032

Mary Kathryn Thompson is an academic researcher from Technical University of Denmark. The author has contributed to research in topics: Finite element method & Axiomatic design. The author has an hindex of 15, co-authored 54 publications receiving 1558 citations. Previous affiliations of Mary Kathryn Thompson include Massachusetts Institute of Technology & KAIST.

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The ribosomal protein Asc1/RACK1 is required for efficient translation of short mRNAs

TL;DR: It is shown that eukaryote-specific Asc1/RACK1 is required for efficient translation of mRNAs with short open reading frames that show greater than average translational efficiency in diverse eukARYotes.
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Improving the requirements process in Axiomatic Design Theory

TL;DR: A model to integrate the traditional requirements process into Axiomatic Design Theory and proposes a method to structure the requirements process that includes a requirements classification system, a stakeholder classification system to reduce the chances of excluding one or more key stakeholders, and a table to visualize the mapping between the stakeholders and their requirements.