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ACM Conference on Hypertext

1.9K papers55.8K citations

International Conference on Networks

3.5K papers55.6K citations

International Conference on Cloud Computing

5.8K papers55.4K citations

European Conference on Information Systems

5.1K papers55.1K citations

Human-Robot Interaction

3.2K papers54.8K citations

International Conference on Computer Design

4.1K papers54.7K citations

IEEE Virtual Reality Conference

2.9K papers54.2K citations

Text REtrieval Conference

2.1K papers53.3K citations

Extending Database Technology

1.7K papers52.2K citations

Machine Vision Applications

2.7K papers52.1K citations

Electronic Commerce

1.5K papers51.9K citations

Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia

2.9K papers51.9K citations

Intelligent User Interfaces

2.1K papers51.9K citations

National Computer Conference

2.5K papers51.8K citations

European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics

8.9K papers51.5K citations

Robot and Human Interactive Communication

4.5K papers51.1K citations

IEEE Region 10 Conference

10.8K papers50.9K citations

IEEE PowerTech Conference

5.4K papers50.8K citations

Americas Conference on Information Systems

8.2K papers50.7K citations

Computer Software and Applications Conference

5.8K papers50.2K citations

Business Process Management

2.1K papers49K citations

International Conference on Logic Programming

2.3K papers48.9K citations

European Conference on Computer Systems

824 papers48.5K citations

Database and Expert Systems Applications

5.1K papers47.8K citations

European Solid-State Circuits Conference

4.4K papers47.7K citations

Signal Processing Systems

3.9K papers47.4K citations

Microelectronics Systems Education

19.1K papers46.4K citations

Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition

2.8K papers46.4K citations

Local Computer Networks

3.6K papers46.3K citations

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing

1.2K papers46K citations

Grid Computing

2.2K papers45.9K citations

International Conference on Network Protocols

1.3K papers45.6K citations

Annual Conference on Computers

6.6K papers45.3K citations

Field-Programmable Logic and Applications

3K papers45.2K citations

Robotics: Science and Systems

1K papers45.1K citations

High Performance Distributed Computing

1.2K papers44.9K citations

International Conference on Big Data

8.8K papers44.6K citations

International Conference on Web Services

2.1K papers44.1K citations

Asian Conference on Computer Vision

2.5K papers43.9K citations

IEEE Radar Conference

5.1K papers43.7K citations

Theory of Cryptography Conference

955 papers43.6K citations

Designing Interactive Systems

2.4K papers43.4K citations

International Conference on Concurrency Theory

1.2K papers43.1K citations

Computing in Cardiology Conference

6.3K papers42.9K citations

Visual Communications and Image Processing

4.8K papers42.5K citations

Chinese Control Conference

19.3K papers42.3K citations

Field Programmable Gate Arrays

1.2K papers42.2K citations

Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation

5.2K papers41.8K citations

Public Key Cryptography

871 papers41.7K citations

Financial Cryptography

1K papers41.5K citations

International Symposium on Wearable Computers

1.9K papers41.2K citations

European Symposium on Algorithms

2.4K papers41K citations

Advances in Geographic Information Systems

1.7K papers40K citations

File and Storage Technologies

469 papers39.1K citations

Computer and Information Technology

7.9K papers38.8K citations

Interactive 3D Graphics and Games

702 papers38.7K citations

Data Compression Conference

2.5K papers38.5K citations

Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference

10.2K papers38.4K citations

Artificial Intelligence in Education

2.2K papers38.4K citations

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

1.9K papers38.1K citations

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

842 papers37.8K citations

Robotics and Biomimetics

6.2K papers37.6K citations

Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems

6.4K papers37.4K citations

International Conference on Cluster Computing

1.7K papers37.2K citations