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TL;DR: In this paper, a linear crystalline polymers of α-olefins are synthesized and the properties of polypropylene, poly-α-butylene, and polystyrene are discussed.
Abstract: Publisher Summary This chapter discusses crystalline high polymers of α-olefins. The linear crystalline polymers of α-olefins are synthesized and the chapter also discusses the properties of crystalline polypropylene, poly-α-butylene, and polystyrene. Depending on the structure of the catalyst, different amounts, ranging from 0 to 100%, of the polymerization products are crystallizable and can be separated easily from the much more soluble noncrystalline polymers by solvent extraction. The new crystalline poly hydrocarbons have higher melting point, higher density, and lower solubility in organic solvents than the corresponding amorphous polyhydrocarbons having intrinsic viscosity of the same order of magnitude. The infrared spectra of crystalline polypropylene, of melted samples of the same polymer and of the amorphous polypropylene, show between 2 and 7.5 μ, the high adsorption regions characteristic of hydrocarbons.

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